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With All That’s Going On, Why Are We Obsessing over Travis and Taylor?

I don’t care who Taylor Swift is with this week

Photo by Matti Karstedt: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-kid-protesting-against-the-war-in-ukraine-11284549/

It’s another Sunday, and I step away from the laptop because it’s time for Football. After I sit through another loss by the Carolina Panthers I turn the channel to the Kansas City Chiefs.

I have to sit through the Sportscasters talking about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. I wish them well, and I hope they have a long and happy relationship.

Taylor Swift is in another relationship, and I don’t care

I wish that on all the young couples I see, regardless of if they are in the public eye, or not. It’s none of my business who anyone sleeps with.

Is it necessary for the cameras to be on a celebrity when they are in a private suite at a football game and partying? Is Taylor Swift on the clock? No, she’s not.

She can party without having cameras on her, let her enjoy the game

I have other things on my mind. Things like our Politicians getting the Country involved in a conflict in Europe. It always starts with money and Arms.

It will progress to our military providing training and advising the Ukrainian military. The President will deploy more troops as the war drags on.

While we’re distracted, the country creeps toward a war in Europe

It’s like politicians can’t help themselves. They want to stick their noses in conflicts they don’t understand. Who will profit from a wider war?

It’s not about Ukraine’s freedom. If America cared about that, they wouldn’t have signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994. It makes no sense.

If you’re a country on Russia’s border, keep your nukes

There’s a country on their border that has a history of invading other countries. The last thing Ukraine should have done was give up their nukes.

We have another war in Europe, and as sure as I’m typing this, America will soon be up to its eyeballs in that war. The consensus is that Ukraine is “The Good Guy.”

People who have hated each other for centuries, and we’re choosing sides?

Is that true? I know there are Neo-Nazi Militias in Ukraine. Are the Ukrainians pro-democracy at all? Is the United States creeping into another conflict we don’t understand?

While a lot of people are obsessing over a Celebrity romance, history is repeating itself. All it will take is a miscalculation and the world could go up in flames.

I don’t understand why Politicians never learn. I hope American soldiers don’t have to pay the price for the hubris of the political class.

Final Thought:

Don’t let trivialities distract you. A possible wider war in Europe is more important than the love life of two celebrities. Pay attention to what matters.

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