Why should I write?

The more one studies, the better his writing will be. (Photo: File)

He asked me a question. Why should we write? Why is writing important? Why should I write?

There is a long list. Does anyone read what is written or not? If I wrote it, who will read it? After all, there are great writers, the benefit of our writing in their presence? It was true, a question arises in the mind. The truth is that there is a long list of writers. They are also writing that should only be read. It was a different time when writers used to meet each other. Now, whoever picks up the stone gets a writer. Not just writers, but self-made writers and great writers.

Many rude things have been done in the name of literature. Knowledgeable readers are in doubt as to what is written. What That is, anything!

Rudeness in literature falls on the delicate nature. But what to do, there are wisdoms that are done on the sting injury. Who is asking? And in whose hands is the pen? Every era is a self-made writer who writes. While the very best and highest writers remain silent. Just read it. While they should write. Quality literature creators are rare in the writing world. Savvy readers are left shaking their heads. Especially since they cannot create something called quality with this writing. There are good and very good writers who care about the understanding of the reader. There are masters of the art of writing, whose dust is the dust of our eyes. But substandard writing and mustazad plagiarism abounds. There is a lot of superficial and poor writing. They are sitting at their own shop trading words. I consider it an honor to include myself among the creators by rubbing a few lines. And their drawn lines are also published. So why don’t you write?

There is a famous saying, “Writing is a constant creative process.” You have a good and great idea, and you think I will write about it. But then the thought comes flying who will read it?

So maybe that idea will work with you. It should be thought that Abul Kalam Azad sat in Ahmednagar jail and thought who will read Bhai? So we wouldn’t have found such a unique pearl as Ghbar sake. If you have something new, everyone will read you. If you have a candle of consciousness and awareness, then all will find light.

If your writing gives a way then people will definitely follow.

You read an article, you feel that I could have written better on that topic. Write! will be read. No text was overlooked, no point was discussed. You get the idea, if this, such and such point was also discussed in it, the matter would have been understood more quickly. you wrote A read would be appreciated.

There are some topics that writers shy away from. You shed light on them, put the matter in the court of readers with strong arguments, will like it.

You will give something new to the readers, your writing will be speaking observation, statistics, latest information, hidden treasures, new things through your writing, highs and lows of life, different colors and Will teach the codes. So you will be read.

You must keep your thoughts secret from your elders, but do not deprive the learners.

By writing, you give them something new to think about. Introduce new ways. You can have your catharsis through writing. If you have a wealth of great advice, life experiences, lessons learned from them, be sure to open up.

You are fond of travel and tourism. Has mastered political science. Associated with education. They play the role of Messiah in the medical field. Know the secrets of playgrounds. He is proficient in religious sciences and arts. Expertise in IT or any other field. You can write your experiences for public benefit. You have a great spirit. Old buildings, old people, old village life. Loves folk songs, old games. You can make readers your partners. You are gender sensitive. You can give tips if you know the secrets of making food, make-up i.e. make-up, get rid of obesity, tame your husband. In short, if you have something new, powerful arguments, new thinking, different angles to change the thinking, then definitely share it with people.

The question then is who will read it? So these people will read. There is a large number of readers who are looking for the best of the best. I keep looking for myself new ideas, new points, new writings. Poems written on separate topics. Of the best written prose verses. For this I browse various websites. I read magazines. I take help from Google. New people come up, I read them. So you are also looking for someone, write, we will read. Give good purposeful essays. You will be read.

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