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Why, I wonder, while I am forty

A lament poem

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Why, I wonder, while I am forty

why these thoughts ever had been?

days just swept while hair turns grey

Astro reads I born in July

Leo, my sign, loyal and kind but egoistic

don’t listen, echoed my heart

I got annoyed when the moon on eight

stars giggled, looking at me

don’t listen, said my ego

I have felt so much pain

Stressed at times with agony sort

searched for a lap to lay so calm

I have love with emotions blend

some told me I’m good to be

away, please, squawked others

oh my, close, I can’t believe

someone help to comfort me

who am I, and why am I here?

Where do I belong for where to go?

What for me and what for to?

stretch your hands to wipe my tears,

give me shoulder, and cuddle me up

My psycho mind said all have this

distress not and have the pill

I hate the pill and witness my thoughts

just kept still and went so deep

thoughtless state, pleasant to stay

stop the ego and have no worry

cease to think and turn not grey

let desire not follow your way

I quit my ego and had life easy

I felt happy and felt so joyous

I felt ecstasy with elation mixed

had lucid dreams and flew above the sky

my silence said it’s a kind of bliss

my psycho mind said it’s a sense of relief

I lost this state when my status compares

I lost this moment as ego triggers

searched all books and read them all

have lots of desire for all kinds of success

work so hard to get so rich

have some research got to go on mars

plan perfect for skyscraper

design so well for nice spaceships

think so deep for to be intellect

sweat the brow, you will grow

competence best to stay ahead

invest best to remain in stocks

write logic codes to rock the world

so read them to be rich!!

Perturbed, I, in the confused state,

chose to still or decide to think,

closed my eyes, and listened to my voice

what to shadow? And what not to?

What to clutch? And what not to?

I got to know, I got to know

someone help to soothe me up

give me a shoulder and snuggle me up

nothing to wonder, nothing to ponder

Thank you for reading. This poem is originally published on my blogspot. Jul 27, 2014

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