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Why I think YOU Can Get Rich

Numbers are on your side

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I have been reading Iron Empires (Michael Hiltzik) (affiliate link) which is a fun story of the “robber barons” that made the railroads in the United States. They were exceptionally scheming in their efforts to make money. Well, I don’t know about exceptional, they probably would blend in nicely with today’s ultra rich crowd.

Consider for a moment that when the robber barons and other tycoons were making their fortune in the burgeoning field of American Economics, there were few spaces available. In 1870, there were 100 millionaires in the U.S. By 1916, more than 40,000. Today, there are roughly 25 Million — millionaires. While we may be tempted to point out that having at least a million dollars isn’t what it use to be…it doesn’t matter. It is still significant enough to bring you financial comfort.

Now consider that you no longer need to be one of the elite few who own a monopoly on a massive scale. Look at movies, for example. When movies first started, there were only a couple big studios. This meant there was only room for a couple big stars. There is so much content creation now, that hundreds of thousands of people can make a living from visual entertainment.

This same math applies to every industry, but specifically, creating. With a population of over 8 Billion people, not only is your audience out there, but even the smallest fraction of their attention is enough to make you rich. There is room for you.!

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