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When It Comes To The Israel-Hamas War, Joe Biden Sticks To The Middle

Joe Biden Right|Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Left| Photo By US Department Of State|WikiCommons

President Joe Biden has not been fully clear on how he feels about the Israel-Hamas war as of right now. He has been adamant about picking a side and still thinks that it is a good idea to just stay in the middle. Staying in the middle would persuade his left-wing voters to possibly support him in the upcoming election. The United States has an incredibly strong bond with Israel. Joe Biden, however, is starting to shift his focus to the human casualties in the Gaza Strip. The White House said that Israel must do whatever it can in order to defend itself, but it is now shifting to cater to the humanitarian crisis right now. Joe Biden wants Israel to do whatever it can in order to minimize human casualties. Biden said on Thursday that Israel should “be more careful.” He also said, “I want them (Israel) to be focused on how to save civilian lives. Do not stop going after Hamas, but be more careful.”

John Kirby and Jake Sullivan made a trip to Israel in order to discuss Joe Biden’s statements, which he had made earlier this week. Biden was talking at a fundraising congress when he said that Israel could lose national support from the “indiscriminate bombings that take place.” This is, of course, a controversial choice of words, as it could jeopardize the very good relations that Israel has with the United States. The United States has made it clear that it will back Israel in the fight against Hamas. Israel has received aid from the United States in the form of weapons, fiscal support, and equipment. Just a week ago, the US vetoed the UN’s decision to place a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. The reason why the United States moved to veto was because they believed that a ceasefire would only benefit Hamas.

Joe Biden criticized Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government. For the most part, and Joe Biden is right about this, the Israeli government has been a very conservative government. Benjamin Netanyahu himself is a right-leaning prime minister. The conservatives in the Israeli government believe that the Gaza Strip belongs to the Jews in Israel, in accordance with the sacred lands of Israel described in the Bible. Benjamin Netanyahu believes that Israel not annexing the Gaza Strip would be detrimental and a waste of resources in the long term. Netanyahu had a disagreement with Ariel Sharon when Israel left the Gaza Strip back in 2005. Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-leaning government are a problem because Joe Biden is looking for a two-state solution. One of the major reasons that Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip in 2005 was because of humanitarian-based sanctions placed on Israel.

Joe Biden said that Benjamin Netanyahu “has to change, and with this government, this government in Israel is making it very difficult for him to move.” Biden was, of course, pulling a few punches right there, but he does want to directly criticize the very conservative government in Israel. Biden is in a very tough place with humanitarians and American lawmakers. He has to take into account that Congress supports funding Israel. Biden would not go against funding Israel if he already said that Israel should do whatever it can to defend itself.

After Joe Biden made the claim of “indiscriminate bombings” and criticized Benjamin Netanyahu, Jake Sullivan came to defend the president. He said that Biden “was expressing concerns that we continue to see civilian casualties in Gaza and again that we continue to see civilian casualties in Gaza and again that we want to make sure that as they work to minimize, that they actually have those kinds of results.” John Kirby is reiterating Biden’s concerns about civilian casualties, but he does not cover the “indiscriminate bombings” statement that Joe Biden made. Joe Biden was just outright saying that Israel had not taken into account the human casualties that would come with bombings. Israel is doing whatever it can in order to minimize human casualties in the Gaza Strip. The US did not try to minimize human casualties in Iraq back in 2003 as much as Israel is doing right now.

Joe Biden will keep moving from side to side during the Israel-Hamas war. The president of the United States is in a hard position right now, and he is currently supporting two wars. Biden is concerned about the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, and America is a key backer of Israel during this war. Joe Biden might just stick in the middle until the war is over.

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