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When A 9–5 MEETS The Weekend. On A Friday Night.

Look ahead, you’re behind.

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I always remember the time each weekend when I didn’t have to think about work or do anything productive. That is the norm or culture that we are in, isn’t it?

My guess is you must be doing something out of your normal schedule or if you have one to begin with.

Do you remember the moment the clock hit 5 pm or the time you clock out of your work right before the weekends? I kept thinking about it but it doesn’t have to be that way.

This moment is a common feeling of joy that we often forget we worked so hard the whole week just to take the weekend off. I understand we are not robots and we need time for self-enjoyment.

But is this the life that we sign up for?

We constantly think about ditching that 9–5 and working on the side hustle that we have been working on for the past weeks or months. But wait, we are here relax, or even not showing up to the dream that we wished all week long.

I say let’s ditch the weekend and start pumping out some more words so that you can get a headstart every day of the week. Of course, slacking a bit on the weekend is fine but trying not to refocus may cause you more than the time spent on the slack.

Is it REALLY worth it?

What I do is turn my bad habits into good ones. At least it helps me cast and increase my output every time when I feel like slacking.

Remember my sweet tooth? Well, I just had one and I ate the below:

Author’s Image: I Just Ate One Before Writing This.

I got to turn this energy somewhere, so might as well use it in this writing session. (you can call that my weekend)

Yet, if you are just done partying or still not finishing your weekend leisure. I mean that’s the good life if you shall call it to be.

I say you are claiming your fair share far too early like you are already retired every weekend. How else can you get ahead in life?

For those who appreciate that they can get their voice heard in front of hundreds if not thousands of audiences, truly respect themselves as a writer and creators.

We are speaking to each other, we know what we want and we want the reader to get what they are seeking from us. There is no one thing that can represent this line of support but the moments that we create through writing the ideas into a readable format.

Or I can simply show you a picture but then I still have to explain it.

Don’t we see the true power of words and are we allowing that to slip by over a weekend that was just meant to be days 6 and 7 if you would like to consider it that way?

Writing is a form of art.

We understand each other because we want to not because we have to as the weekend goes on, do you want it or do you have to have it?

And did you get the message?

This post is somewhere influenced by Leonard Tillerman

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