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What She Wants And Needs, Chapter 3

In the shadowed confines of an underground car park, the final chapter of “What She Wants And Needs” unfurls a tale of forbidden desires and haunting regrets. As Louise and Matt succumb to a moment of unrestrained passion, John watches from the shadows, torn between hurt and an inexplicable pull towards the unfolding drama. Will this clandestine encounter shatter their lives, or could it be the catalyst for a deeper understanding and a new beginning?

A new hotwife/hotpast story by Paul Garland

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Chapter 3

“Am I making a mistake?” I asked Josh, after a minute of standing there, staring at the empty exit where she’d just been standing.

Josh regarded me with a solemn expression, his eyes reflecting the uncertainty of the situation. “You’re facing a tough decision but sometimes we need to confront our deepest fears and insecurities head-on to find clarity. It’s a test, right? You’re testing her.”

I nodded, the weight of my choices settling heavily on my shoulders. “How do I carry on with my marriage, knowing she wants sex with him? You heard everything, right?”

He placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder. “Most of it, yeah. But remember, no matter what happens tonight, your love for Louise and her love for you… that’s what kept your marriage strong for twenty years. That’s not something to be taken lightly.”

As the minutes passed, my mind raced with doubts and questions, but I couldn’t deny that this was a pivotal moment for us.

“I have to see what’s happening,” I said, as much to myself as Josh.

“Go then,” my friend nodded. “Or do you want me to come with you?”

“Yeah,” I accepted the offer gratefully. “I might need you to stop me doing something stupid.”

Josh nodded and with a shared understanding, we left the balcony and made our way through the bustling party, doing our best to maintain a facade of normality. We exchanged pleasantries with guests, laughed at jokes, and even managed to dance briefly, all while our minds were consumed by the recent revelations.

Finally, we managed to slip away, making a subtle exit and heading downstairs. As we descended, I couldn’t help but hope that we’d find some resolution to this mess. I needed to know what was happening with Louise and Matt, even if it meant confronting an unpleasant truth — that she was going to fail the test.

When we reached the ground floor and stepped outside, the cool night air was once more a welcome contrast to the heat of the party inside. I scanned the outdoor lobby area, but couldn’t see anyone so we traced our steps around the building, searching the streets.

“Where are they?” I asked and Josh shrugged.

“The parking lot?” he suggested. “There’s an underground area around the corner.”

That’s where we headed, descending a set of concrete steps and it didn’t take long to spot Louise and Matt, standing by Matt’s car, in the shadowy corner of the parking lot. They were engaged in a heated embrace, their lips locked in a passionate kiss.

My heart sank at the sight, a mixture of anger and despair welling up within me. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. It was as though my world had been turned upside down again, and there was no escape from the reality of the situation now.

Josh put a reassuring hand on my shoulder, sensing the chaos within me. “John, take a deep breath. Let’s approach this calmly.”

I nodded, my jaw clenched, and together, we slowly moved closer to the scene unfolding before us. My initial instinct was to charge at them, screaming and throwing punches at my former best man but I didn’t. Something held me back and it was only just beginning to dawn on me what it was. My mind raced with a thousand thoughts. I knew that we needed to confront Louise and Matt and put an end to this but at the same time, a strange curiosity was burning inside me to see how far she’d go. Was she really going to fuck him?

We stayed in the shadows of the dark parking lot and as we drew nearer, the intensity of their encounter increased. Louise and Matt were no longer just kissing; they were locked in a passionate embrace, their hands roaming freely.

“Shit,” Josh whispered as we paused behind a concrete pillar, observing them for a moment as they kissed noisily, their tongues seemingly down each others’ throats. “I’m sorry for saying this, John, but this is kind of hot.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at that, his entirely inappropriate comment suddenly breaking the tension in the air. I knew he was trying to lighten the mood, to calm me down but I steeled myself, forcing a serious expression on my face.

“I need to see if she’ll do it,” I murmured, keeping our position behind the pillar, hiding in the darkness.

“Of course she’s going to do it,” Josh replied. “You told her you wanted her to.”

I had. He was right. Even so, would she actually go through with it?

Matt pushed Louise away from him, space forming between them for a second, but only so that he could unzip his trousers and as we watched, he freed himself, his impressive manhood standing out in front of him. Louise gazed down at it and smiled, then dropped to her knees without any hesitation.

“She’s going to suck his cock,” I mumbled, barely able to believe what I was seeing.

“No shit, Sherlock,” Josh whispered. Matt was well-endowed, and already erect as Louise wrapped a hand around his girthy shaft and took him into her mouth.

I felt like stopping them but I couldn’t. I needed to let her do this, not only so I could know the truth of what she truly wanted but also so she could get him out of her system. It was the only way, I told myself but my hands were bunched into fists and I felt sweat drip from my brow, despite the cool air of the parking lot. It was as though time had slowed down, and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Louise was on her knees, eagerly pleasuring Matt, her actions driven by a desire that had been exposed during their conversation earlier.

Matt stood before her, his expression one of intense pleasure as Louise expertly sucked him. “You always did suck my cock so good, Lou,” he murmured, running his fingers through her long, chestnut hair as she worked his dick with her mouth.

It was clear that they shared a history and an undeniable attraction, one that had been kept hidden from me for years. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy and anger, watching the woman I loved engage in such an intimate act with another man.

As I continued to watch, Josh’s presence by my side provided a strange sense of camaraderie in the midst of this surreal situation. We both understood the complexity of the moment and the need to let it play out.

Minutes felt like hours as Louise continued her passionate efforts, and it became increasingly evident that she was fully committed to this act. The question of whether she would actually go through with it had been answered, but would it go even further yet?

“You’re so erect,” Louise gasped, taking his cock out of her mouth for a moment to look at it. “Good to know I’m not too old to still get you rock hard.”

Matt didn’t say anything. Instead, he guided her to her feet and then tugged down the front of her sparkling dress, exposing her bra which he expertly reached around the back of to undo the clasp, her firm, large breasts spilling out.

“Wow,” I heard Josh gasp from beside me. I’d almost forgotten he was there but I didn’t turn to look at him. Matt’s mouth went eagerly from one of my wife’s breasts to the other, sucking them hungrily until he finally stopped, out of breath.

“I need you now,” he said, in a low, intense voice.

This was it. The night air blowing through the parking lot was charged with sexual tension and my heart was thudding so hard in my chest that I wondered if Josh could hear it. I watched Matt lift Louise’s dress, bunching the skirt around her waist and revealing her lacy lingerie beneath. I could hear Josh’s gasp of appreciation from beside me, but my attention remained fixed on the scene before us.

Matt pushed Louise onto the bonnet of his car, sliding down her panties and for a moment, we had a clear view of the small, trimmed triangle of dark hair between her thighs before his mouth explored every inch of Louise’s exposed flesh. He kissed the insides of her thighs, making her gasp softly into the quiet of the underground area and then his lips went to her pussy, burying his head there, his tongue delving into her.

Louise’s surrender to the moment was evident as she arched her back, her fingers gripping the edges of the car’s bonnet, her eyes closed in ecstasy. The undeniable chemistry between them was palpable, and it was clear that they were both determined to get each other out of their system.

As he lapped at her pussy, I couldn’t help but feel a strange mix of emotions — jealousy, anger, and a profound sense of helplessness but I knew I had to let this play out, then decide what to do afterwards.

The sounds of her first orgasm, echoing in the darkness of the parking lot punctuated a moment of raw, unbridled passion and for the first time, I looked at Josh. My friend looked shocked but I could also see arousal on his face. I could imagine that he felt troubled by what was happening but turned on too. How could he not be?

“Fuck me now,” we heard Louise moan softly. “Just fuck me, Matt.”

My former best man stood, sliding her along the car bonnet towards him, his hard cock standing out like an arrow pointed at her cunt, her dark pubic hairs slick and wet framing her small, pink lips. Then he moved forward and pulled her onto him, the large head of his dick pushing against her for a moment before sliding inside.

Josh and I remained hidden in the shadows, watching in silence as Matt began to fuck my wife. There was no finesse, no love in their movements. He held her hips and thrust urgently into her, taking what he wanted. She clutched onto the car bonnet, her back arching again. The sounds of their fucking filled the night air, echoing through the underground parking lot, the slapping of his body against hers seeming louder than it should be.

Louise’s hands moved, wrapping around his back, pulling him deeper into her and her legs curled around him as another orgasm shook through her. Her voice rose in ecstasy, and we saw Matt smile at her response to the pounding he was now giving her pussy.

“Cum inside me,” my wife begged. “Please. It’s safe. I’m on the pill. I want you to cum in me.”

Matt’s thrusting grew faster — and harder, making Louise whimper and moan louder still until eventually, he grunted and then held himself there, buried inside her and I knew his cock was pumping his seed deep inside my wife.

Then, in the aftermath of their passion, as their heavy breaths gradually subsided, I watched as she gently pushed Matt away. She spoke to him in hushed tones, her words carrying a note of finality.

“Thank you but you have to go now,” she told him, her voice firm but tinged with sadness. “I have to return to the party. This can never happen again, Matt. You know that, right?”

Matt nodded, his face filled with a mix of longing and understanding. He gave Louise one final, passionate kiss, a silent acknowledgment of their shared history, before reluctantly pulling away.

Louise found her panties, discarded on the floor nearby and slipped them back on before straightening her dress, putting her breasts away and then trying to neaten her hair the best she could.

“Thank you for tonight,” Matt said, leaning against the car for a moment. “That was everything I could have hoped for.”

“It can never happen again,” Louise repeated.

“I know. I just wish we could have done it better… in a hotel, or something, You deserve better than a fuck in a parking lot.”

“Perhaps that’s what I needed,” my wife shrugged, still running her fingers through her hair, trying to straighten it. “A rough fuck in a parking lot. Sometimes a bit of spontaneous passion is all we need as women, you know?”

“If you change your mind about this never happening again,” Matt said, climbing into the driver’s seat, “I left my number in the guest book.”

And with that, he drove away, leaving Louise standing alone in the dim amber lights of the underground lot. I couldn’t help but feel a strange mix of emotions. The intensity of what we had just witnessed weighed heavily on me, and I knew that our lives had been irrevocably altered but for some reason, I had an oddly positive feeling.

Louise, her own face a similar tumult of emotions, turned and then suddenly walked over to where Josh and I stood in the shadows. Her gaze met mine as soon as she turned, and there was a depth of understanding in her eyes that sent a shiver down my spine.

“You knew we were here, didn’t you?” I asked, the realisation hitting me.

“You watched,” she said, her tone a combination of accusation and curiosity. “You didn’t stop it.”

I couldn’t find the right words to say. I felt ashamed but at the same time, intrigued as to where this was going.

“I’m sorry,” Josh said from beside me.

Louise’s expression softened, and she let out a heavy sigh. “I knew you were there,” she admitted, her voice trembling. “Did you enjoy watching, the pair of you? Did it turn you on?”

I couldn’t deny it, and I nodded silently, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Well, I’m glad about that.” My wife exhaled slowly. “So what now? Are we over, John? Are you going to head upstairs and tell my parents what I just did?”

There was a bitterness in her voice and my heart suddenly ached. I stepped forward and took her into my arms, holding her tightly.

“What happened was my fault,” I confessed. “I shouldn’t have encouraged you to follow him.”

Louise’s body trembled in my arms as I held her close, her breaths coming in shaky bursts. I couldn’t ignore the fact that I had played a role in what had transpired.

“No, John,” she whispered, her voice barely above a hush. “It wasn’t just you. I made choices too, and I have to own up to them.”

Josh remained at our side, his presence perhaps making us hold back on other things we could have said. Louise’s question about whether our marriage was over still lingered in the air, and I knew that there were no easy answers.

I pressed my lips to her forehead, my heart heavy with a mix of emotions. “We’ve been through so much together, Louise,” I said softly. “Twenty years of marriage, and tonight… well, it’s been a revelation, let’s put it that way.”

“I guess it’s not what my parents envisioned when they arranged the party.” Louise giggled but tears were glistening in her eyes as she pulled away slightly to look at me. “I love you, John,” she said, her voice filled with sincerity. “But there are things we need to address, things we can’t ignore any longer.”

Josh stepped forward, his expression one of support. “Maybe it’s time for some open and honest conversations,” he suggested. “No more secrets, no more hiding.”

I met Josh’s gaze and nodded in agreement. The events of this night had forced us to confront our desires, our insecurities, and the cracks in our marriage that maybe we hadn’t even known were there. It was a turning point, and there was no going back.

“We have a lot to talk about,” I said, my voice steady. “But we really should get back to the party before people come looking for us.”

Louise’s tears flowed freely now, streaking her mascara but there was also a glimmer of hope in her eyes. “Thank you, John,” she whispered. “For understanding, for forgiving.”

“We’ll talk about everything later,” I said, turning to leave but she grabbed my hand and pulled me back.

“I owe you something,” she whispered, then dropped to her knees in front of me, unbuckling my belt.

“What are you doing?” I hissed.

“What does it look like?” Louise pulled out my cock. “I could feel your hardness when you hugged me just now. I bet you’re hard too, aren’t you, Josh?”

My heart raced as Louise’s unexpected actions took me by surprise. I glanced at Josh, who appeared just as shocked as I was, but there was also a glint of excitement in his eyes. Louise’s boldness in this moment was unlike anything I had ever seen from her.

Louise’s hand moved confidently over my throbbing erection, her touch sending shivers down my spine. I couldn’t deny that I was indeed hard, the intensity of the evening having taken its toll on my desires.

“I… Louise, we should go back to the party,” I stammered, torn between my sense of duty and the undeniable arousal coursing through me.

Louise, however, seemed determined to seize the moment. Her lips parted as she took me into her mouth, her tongue tracing slow, deliberate patterns along my length. It was the most intense sensation I’d felt in years, and it sent waves of pleasure coursing through me.

Beside me, I could hear Josh’s shallow breaths, his own excitement growing as he watched the unexpected turn of events. Louise’s skilled mouth worked its magic, and I struggled to maintain my composure.

As her mouth continued to explore my throbbing desire, I knew that this was just the beginning of something new. A more adventurous, spontaneous side to our sex life and that could be a good thing, moving forward. It only took a minute for my pleasure to build to a finish. The mental visions of her being fucked on the car bonnet floated in front of my eyes as I closed them and I felt my cock explode into her mouth, shaking me with the most powerful climax I’d felt in years.

When I opened my eyes, my knees weak and unsteady, I saw that Josh had his own cock out, jerking off rapidly while watching. Louise wiped a hand across the back of her mouth and smiled at him.

“If I do the same to you, are you going to keep your mouth shut about what you saw tonight?”

Tonight had taken yet another surprising and exhilarating turn. My testosterone-fuelled blood was still coursing through my veins as I watched Louise turn her attention to Josh. He was clearly aroused, his hard dick throbbing visibly as he eagerly nodded in response to Louise’s question. His hand moved faster over his own erection as Louise knelt in front of him, and then she wasted no time in taking him into her mouth, just as she had done with me moments ago.

I leaned against a nearby car, my legs still shaky from my recent release, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the erotic spectacle unfolding before me and as Louise’s skilled mouth pleasured my friend — the third cock she’d sucked tonight — I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation for what lay ahead after tonight. The boundaries of our marriage had moved, and it seemed that she was willing to let Josh join in readily with it.

My friend’s moans of pleasure filled the air, and it was clear that Louise had him close already. She continued to work her magic on him, her mouth expertly pleasuring him as he moaned and gasped in ecstasy. She took his entire length in her mouth, gagging slightly at one moment but that only seemed to spur him on and he tangled his fingers in her hair, messing it up again, pumping his cock into her mouth as he came, his body shuddering with release.

Louise expertly took every drop of his cum, never breaking eye contact with him until eventually, he released her hair and she swallowed and then sat back with a sly smile, her own arousal evident in her gaze. From now on, Josh and us had a shared secret and as the three of us looked at one another, we all smiled at the thought.

As we caught our breath, I stepped forward and took Louise into my arms, kissing her passionately. It was a kiss filled with a mixture of emotions — desire, forgiveness, and the promise of a renewed connection. She tasted of cum, mine and Josh’s mixed, but I didn’t care. Tonight had irrevocably changed not only our marriage but also something within me. I enjoyed this encounter in the car park. I’d enjoyed watching her fuck Matt. I’d enjoyed Josh watching Louise suck me and even after I’d cum, I’d still enjoyed watching her do the same to him.

Josh, still catching his breath, watched us kiss with a knowing smile. “I think it’s safe to say that we have a lot to talk about,” he remarked.

Louise nodded, her hazel eyes locked onto mine. “And explore,” she added, her voice filled with anticipation.

With the night air still charged with tension and excitement, we left the dimly lit parking lot and made our way back to the anniversary party. The events of this evening had reshaped our marriage, and as we faced the challenges and uncertainties ahead, I somehow knew that tonight’s revelations and spontaneous actions would only make our love and connection stronger than ever before. I didn’t just have a wife any more.

I had a hotwife.

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