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What My Guides Say About Past Lives

How they influence us today

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Past lives are a curious topic. We live many lives, and yet we don’t remember them, for the most part. We share past lives with many of the people we share this one with.

We even base our soul plan for this life in part on our past lives. What we have learned, what we still need to learn. People we want to continue working with and so on.

I’m curious to know more about how past lives work. I know from the professional readings I do that past lives still influence us today, but I want to know more about that, it seems like a good topic to bring to my guides.

My guides are the archangels and today I’m asking them all about past lives.

How much do our past lives influence us today?

“We are happy to speak with you on this fascinating topic. past lives are interesting to so many of you because you sense they are a part of you, as they are.

Past lives influence you today a great deal, much more than you realize. They are the connectors to all of your lessons, experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

Past lives influence the direction you choose to go in, for this lifetime. They are more than dormant and long-forgotten memories as some people believe., if they acknowledge them at all. Think of them instead as vital experiences to your soul.”

If someone recalls a past life does it cause that past life to be more influential?

“Yes and likely the person has recalled it for that reason. Sometimes the soul wants you to remember and leaves clues to help. You might hear music from a time period you lived. Or see a film or museum exhibit.

Whatever it was, you may feel swayed by the period itself but try to envision how living in that period would feel. If you had a past life then, this is where your memories from that life can surface.

You may not have actual memories surface but you feel emotions. It may not be so much about a time period, but maybe a connection you had with another person. What are the dominant feelings about that person?

This kind of introspection can help you pick up the work you left off, or to add to it. The soul goes on, it is eternal, and there is no end. Your soul has traveled near and far and you have every ability to recall your travels.”

We share many lives with the people we know, but do we have the same guides in all of our lives?

“This is a very good question and one that is not often asked. Just as you often travel through lives with the same soul group, you often do with guides, yes.

For example, often some of your guides are from your soul group (also known as the soul family). They optioned to stay home while you and others from your group incarnated. There are always members living lives and others helping you on the other side.

You may have a special bond with certain angels, ascended masters, and animal guides and choose to have them join you during life after life as well.

This isn’t to say you don’t change up who is on your team of guides, you do. You add new guides each time or bring back guides from past lives. It just means that you do indeed have a core group that you work with.

We are honored to connect with you today and walk with you during this incarnation, and the next if you so desire.”

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Past Lives
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