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Websites Every Web Developer Needs to Supercharge Productivity and Creativity

As a full-stack web developer, below are the handy websites I often utilize to enhance productivity, enhance the aesthetic appeal of images, and generate flowcharts. I believe these resources could prove beneficial for all web developers.

1. Automatic Background Removal


Sometimes you want to remove the background of an image, leaving only the key elements. This website can help you achieve that 100% automatically.

2. Random Beautiful Images


Need images for your articles but worried about copyright issues? This website offers a vast collection of free photos for you to choose from.

3. Visualized Regular Expressions


Struggle with regular expressions like I do? Fear not! Here’s a tool that visualizes regular expressions, making them much easier to understand and use.

4. Beautify Your Code


A magical website that allows you to save your code as an image. It supports multiple themes and languages, so no matter what kind of work you do, your code can look stylish.

5. Online Flowchart Drawing


You might have used ProcessOn for drawing flowcharts, but it has file limitations and can be cumbersome to use. Iodraw, on the other hand, is completely free with no file limitations and works almost identically to other flowchart software.

6. Massive CDN Resources


Sometimes you just want to write a local example without installing various dependencies. An online cdn.js can help with that, but where can you find a vast and stable resource? Right here!

7. Online Documentation with DevDocs


Are you still searching everywhere for documentation when you encounter a problem? Maybe you need an online documentation tool, which also supports offline access.

8. Image Compression


Image compression is a common need. Here are two websites that everyone is familiar with.

9. Beautiful Illustrations


You may not use it often, but it’s incredibly practical. It’s a free, massive illustration website.

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