Vision Through You

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

Are you hungry for my expressions?

Does a longing for me to complete your emptiness consume you?

Shall I craft for you

a mural of dreams from which

you cannot escape?

Are you hungry; are you longing?

Do I satisfy you; will you satisfy me?

Yearn for my affection; cleansed,

darkness is revealed by illumination.

Be my sight this evening.

The barren landscapes of my thoughts

transform into your sanctuaries.

The underground chambers of my spirit

inhale through your rosy lungs,

while words entice speech.

Are you hungry for this seer

to complete your emptiness?

Do I construct my mural of dreams,

darkness stripped away by illumination?

Be my sight this evening.

Photo by Isak Ingerholt on Unsplash

Lost in the drops?

Find solace in more tales of the soul.

Your claps echo in my quiet.

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