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What is Truth — what are we looking for?

….truth often delve into complex philosophical debates regarding the nature of reality, perception, language, and the limits of human understanding.

Absolutes, facts, and things as they are without interpretations of the brain and mind. Interpretations create opinions, biases and beliefs. Truths are not opinions.

I am dealing mainly of brain-mind processes Truths. There are also such Truths as experiential Truths. Repeatable facts of brain-mind processes and patterns. Spiritual Truths. Anything about something Truths. Absolutes about anything you are observing. You know these properties of Truths about anything will always be around which we can use to organise lifestyle. Enhance brain-mind processing. Resetting and recentering the brain-mind operating patterns etc.

So what are the Truths about our place in the universe?

I am saying this and in a sign of the times, science has caught up with the spiritual process to give us some facts to establish our place in the universe and to discover our Full Potential in the brain and mind.

Tested walking talking meditator centred in the “now” in you at about 8 to 12 Hz brain operating frequency when the Alpha waves dominate the brain creating the extended brain-mind.

Extended brain-mind:

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Experiential Truths
Absolute Patterns
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