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‘Travel Memoirs’ is the New Home for Walking Camino

In a few days, I will close this publication, and I hope you join us at Darren Weir’s fantastic pub

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Hey, Camino friends!

Cat Strav, Erie Astin, and Lotus Empress and all our traveling readers — I’m writing a brief note to let you know that Darren Weir has opened a new publication, Travel Memoirs.

What I love about his pub is that he is getting lots of traffic, and accepting all sorts of memoirs about different journeys all over the globe.

But what I really love is that Darren has created space for our Camino stories! I would like to personally invite you, and any other travel writers, to join us at Travel Memoirs.

It’s simply a wonderful place to submit essays, and we would love to welcome you there!

Thanks for being Camino friends, and travelers who share stories. Can’t wait to see your Camino stories find a great home in Darren Weir’s special tab at the top of his pub, for all stories related walking to the amazing Camino de Santiago. In a few days, I’ll close this pub. You are welcome and encouraged to submit your previously published essays — from this pub — in Travel Memoirs! We’ll see you there.

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