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Translucent Thoughts

A Poem

Photo by Saif71.com on Unsplash

In the mystic whisper of the mind’s celestial hue,

Our passion danced, essence true.

Guided by a divine starlight’s tune,

We wandered offshore near the silver moon.

Sand, whispers of infinity in glee

Melodic serenades in the eternal sea.

Translucent thoughts behind,

As seaweed, self untwined, to a spirit’s call inclined.

Once fragmented memories, now shadows cast,

Ghostly echoes arriving from the past.

A spectral presence unseen,

In this ethereal dream.

Heart shattered, none enters in,

Yet from within a soul akin.

In a temuous mental brawl,

The heart and mind enthrall.

Within, solace blooms bright,

In the heart’s resolute light.

Guard your sanctuary true,

Amidst a transient melancholic view.

Blades of hurt may pierce the soul,

Yet in the heart’s embrace, find console.

When all feels heavy, dark as lead,

Awaken, for hope’s seed.

In a world devoid of light,

You shine beautiful, hold that sight.

Through the darkest hour, stand tall,

Embrace your essence, never fall.

Through lines of twilight, we persist to see,

In the silence, spirits entwine,

Embracing the unknown wild and free,

this cosmic dance, souls align.

Memories unfold in the story of fate,

Threads with love’s gentle hand,

In the ethereal realm where spirits await,

Unified in a bond nobody can withstand.

Through veils of mist, we dance and play,

In realms where spirits brightly gleam,

Lost in the beauty of the astral array,

Weaving dreams like a celestial seam.

So let your spirit soar and roam,

In the realm where dreams unite,

In the rhythm of the mystical poem,

Embracing the infinite in sight.

Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash

Bless everyone for the day. Have a wonderful weekend!



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