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Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Top 5 AI Projects Transforming Service and Sales

Explore the latest AI and LLM projects for enhanced customer service in 2024, driving productivity, efficiency, and engagement.

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As artificial intelligence and large language models (LLMs) continue to evolve, their impact on the customer service sector has been undeniable.

This guide aims to:

  • Understand the Capabilities of AI and LLMs in customer service
  • Explore Real-World Applications
  • Recognize the Trends
  • Evaluate the impact
  • Inspire innovation and promote open-source community
  • Provide value for 2 minutes of your time

List of Top 5 Projects ⬇️

Lobe Chat

  • Stars: 16,725
  • Most Recent Commit: 14 hours ago
  • Total Releases: 210
  • Lobe Chat is an open-source, high-performance chatbot framework that supports speech synthesis, multimodal interactions, and an extensible Function Call plugin system. It facilitates the one-click free deployment of private ChatGPT/LLM web applications.


  • Stars: 13,538
  • Most Recent Commit: 2 days ago
  • SuperAGI is a developer-first open-source autonomous AI agent framework. It enables developers to quickly and reliably build, manage, and run useful autonomous agents.


  • Stars: 5,742
  • Most Recent Commit: 14 hours ago
  • Total Releases: 77
  • E2b is a Cloud Runtime for AI Agents, providing a robust infrastructure for deploying and managing AI agents in cloud environments.

AI (Project by Vercel)

  • Stars: 5,645
  • Most Recent Commit: a day ago
  • Total Releases: 66
  • This project allows you to build AI-powered applications with popular web development frameworks like React, Svelte, Vue, and Solid. It aims to integrate AI functionalities seamlessly into web applications.

AI Chatbot (Project by Vercel)

  • Stars: 3,800
  • Most Recent Commit: 2 days ago
  • A full-featured, hackable Next.js AI chatbot built by Vercel. It represents an advanced integration of AI into web-based interfaces, offering customizable chatbot solutions.

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