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Too Sick to Live, too Afraid to Die.

Some people are always caught in the middle again

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Some people are always caught in the middle again. “They are too sick to live but too scared to die. They cut off all the pleasures of life because they don’t want to risk putting themselves out there.

They fear death but are so scared they are afraid to die. They watch the news, they get confused. No matter where you turn, it’s all a burn.

Don’t turn your head, you might end up dead. Go for a ride in your new car, but don’t go too far. Hello welcome, it’s party time. Hey bro, can you spare a dime?

You can’t relax, gotta watch your back. Don’t stray too far from the pack. Murders and riots, nothing is ever quiet.

Dangers and chores, maybe go on a diet. Crazy calls on your phone, gotta watch the ozone.

Bad news, born to lose.

You’re too slow to live, too fast to die. Good news, bad news, makes no difference what you choose. Watch TV, the instant eye. Republicans hate Democrats, makes no difference who you are.

Religion and politics, such a strange brew. Hard to mix, hard to lose.

Step on a crack, break your momma’s back. Go too far this time, fall off the fast track.

Baby your life is right off the rack. Help me out, take it back. Before I get a heart attack.

Because I’m too sick to live, too afraid to die.”

These are words from a song I wrote over 30 years ago.

A lot of people felt that way back then, and a lot of people still feel that way today. It was the age of punk rockers, death metal, and nihilism.

But something funny happened along the way.

A lot of people, myself included, became more positive, more enlightened, more hopeful, more spiritual.

Slowly but surely, people’s consciousness began being raised. We started seeing ourselves as a community, not isolated groups of individuals.

We started to notice, that if we cared, it made a difference.

It starts out with the little things, the day-to-day kindnesses, the awareness that we don’t have to be alone anymore.

Sure, the pandemic caused a massive change of thinking, but in the end, it was a devastating but now almost forgotten state of mind.

We survived the pandemic, most of us, and we learned a lesson.

We humans are strong, we are stronger than we ever guessed.

We took a hard hit, a shot straight to the heart, but we lived through it.

Now it’s time to change again, to evolve onto a more spiritual track.

In the last few years especially, people are taking on more responsibility in their attitudes.

We are more united than ever in resolving to save the planet, to give some relief to Mother Gaia, doing her best to hold it together.

The environment is the one thing we must all unite in, but we can do that.

The youth all over the world, especially the Millenials and Gen Z, are facing up to the fact that if we don’t unite we will have nobody but ourselves to blame.

They are already connecting in ways we can’t even understand in the rapidly evolving technological world they grew up in as an integral part of their lives.

The good people of the earth want to unite to save the planet, not reap the whirlwind.

They have the numbers, the strength, and the enthusiasm already. Now we just have to help them out.

Move the levers of power in the ballot box, shut down the negativity of the damned and the doomed, and face up to the reality the youth have already accepted as their mission in life.

We are so close to reversing the negative and regaining the positive.

Faith can move mountains. In numbers, there is strength.

All we have to do is follow through. We are so close. We are all connected…

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