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Three Ways To Scare Men Away From Your Online Dating Profile

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Online dating is the name of the game these days. If you are single and looking, then it seems like the online dating option is a much more acceptable route to take than it was 20 years ago. It is basically the norm and nobody will look at you funny anymore when you tell them you met somebody online. During my time utilizing the online dating resources, I have made many observations, as did many of my friends and acquaintances that are also using online dating sites. We collaborated and shared our ideas and experiences. We came up with a short list of things that scare away some of us men when reading the dating profile of a single woman. Here are three of them:


Yes, it’s nice to showcase travel pictures, but when 11 out of 12 pictures are from your international travels across the seas, then you are slightly bragging a bit, much like a man showing pictures of his car, muscles, or big fish that he just caught. Traveling overseas is barely ever cheap, so it definitely gives the impression you are somebody with an expensive lifestyle. Hey, if planning a big trip twice a month is a requirement, then by all means, keep on posting travel pics, but if it’s not a requirement for your next boyfriend, then consider showing some more casual, simple at-home pics to replace some of the travel pics.

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You could be scaring away potential love connections because of your expensive passion/hobby. Some decent “blue-collar” men will not try to waste your time when seeing all of these pics, as they assume they could not keep up with the lifestyle you want to maintain. They may be more motivated to go after a “homebody” that prefers staycations at local bed & breakfasts instead of 3-week trips to Europe.


It’s good to have friends, but if a woman has multiple pictures with extremely large groups of females around her, it may cause concern. The more female friends you have, the more female friends you have that might try to convince you that you are dating the wrong guy, especially if the female friends are mostly single and bitter from their most recent relationships or broken marriages.

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Furthermore, us men may wonder how much of our free time is going to have to be used up to hang out with all of her friends nearly every single weekend. Oh, and then wait to see what happens when all the friends start having babies! More and more birthday parties to be invited to! That’s a lot of people to keep up with, and that’s not even including immediate family members!


I don’t think it’s a secret that many of us men do not like to see “Strong Independent Woman” written in a woman’s dating profile. It is now 2024. I think I speak for many other men in saying that most of us already assume that you are independent. The days when majority of women were staying home all day cooking and cleaning, while the men worked jobs to bring in all the money, are a thing of the past. Honestly, many of us have no issues with a GENUINE strong and independent woman, but self-labeling can look sketchy at times.

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A tough guy rarely feels the need to tell other people that he is tough. A funny woman rarely needs to tell other people that she is funny. The more I hear a woman call herself strong and independent, the less I believe it, but I certainly know there are exceptions to this assumption. When I think of the strongest, most badass women I have ever met during my lifetime, there is one thing they all have in common — not once did I ever hear any of them label themselves as strong and independent. I would rather hear this type of statement/claim being said by people around her, which would make it much more convincing.


Keep in mind that the above-mentioned feedback is not meant to tell women to change their profile content. It simply gives a small glimpse of the types of reactions from a small sample of single men that are viewing your online dating profiles. And, hey, let’s be honest. If you have a cute face, you’re going to get a ton of emails from men everyday regardless of what you write in your profile!

Good luck to everybody out there in the online dating world!!

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