This Minecraft Youtuber Created A iPhone In Minecraft

A Working Phone in Minecraft!

CaptainSparkelz on Youtube

In the virtual realms of Minecraft, our favourite red stone enthusiast: Seth Bling showcases yet another amazing project by designing a fully functional iPhone within the limits of the game.

Seth Bling is well known within the Minecraft community for his inventive use of mods and paved the foundation for Redstone community that we know today, in the early 2010s.

Minecraft’s Redstone circuitry often mimicking real-world circuitry, Seth Bling was able design a iPhone that offers a: user-friendly interface, virtual keyboard, contacts, and a functional calling system. Players can even: dial real life numbers, receive calls, and message each other outside the boundaries of the game. This incredible project showcases the versatility of Minecraft, and an inspiring and innovative way to blend the 2D and 3D world together.

Seth Bling shared the details of his creation with the Minecraft community through tutorials on YouTube, inspiring thousands of players to explore the limits of what red stone circuitry has to offer

In the gaming world, SethBling's many viral red stone projects serves as a compelling answer to the question: what happens when creativity meets technology?

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