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This Angry White Karen is Terrified of Me Because I’m Jewish

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I was scrolling through my notifications when I noticed this gem…

The only thing funny about her comment is the fact that a grown woman would resort to middle school insults to showcase their insecurity. Yes, I’m Jewish. Yes, I use pronouns. I’m sure that makes you so uncomfortable.

I remembered seeing her leave equally childish comments on some of my other stories, but her lack of creativity or intellect didn’t impress me enough to pay her any regard.

But it’s the weekend and both my husband and my newest boytoy are out of town on business, so I was bored and got curious. What started as a series of banal bigotry in the comments of my stories unveiled a far more sinister agenda.

This neo-Nazi has made an account on Medium for the sole purpose of harassing me. All while spreading the most ignorant, racist, homophobic display of stupidity they could weave together from the five books they’ve read in their entire life.

Is she trying to say “descent”? Clearly a member of the untermensch

The very existence of Jews frightens these people. They think we control the entire planet, that we’ve outsmarted everyone else, which ironically implies that they see Jews as the “superior race.”

The truth is that they’re terrified. They know whites will be a minority in the United States by 2045, maybe even sooner if we can fight their fascist immigration policies.

They know that minorities vote predominantly, almost exclusively, for progressive policies and candidates. They know that even most white women are liberals, because no woman in their right mind really wants to live under the oppression of the patriarchy. They know that we, as Jews, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, etc. are about to outnumber them. And they know that we’re fucking pissed.

We are coming for everything, white people. The guns you use to shoot up schools, the hate speech you use to harass and intimidate us, the wealth you’ve stolen from generations of people you’ve colonized and oppressed.

We’re taking all of that shit.

We will soon have the votes to do it without violence. Democracy is our weapon, we are the majority. Get used to living under our rules, our laws. We will legislate away every dollar you’ve made from exploitation. We will establish rent control and then we will work towards making the word “landlord” a relic of the past. Just like Christian nationalism and white supremacy.

We will tear down every statue to colonialism, rename every town, building and military base associated with racism and replace every piece of media that promotes whiteness with the rich vibrance of diversity. Within five years, you won’t recognize America. Because it will finally reflect the people who make it the Land of the Free.

The hatred and marginalization of minorities by whites has only served to alienate them and unite the rest of us as one.

For those who refuse to acknowledge how toxic the conservative Christian ideology is, here’s a look at what passes for writing in the online right:

Only an unhinged, miserable person would go to such lengths to show their obsession. I’m flattered that I live rent-free inside her head 24/7.

I’m not scared at all. Quite the opposite, actually. I’m filled with strength and resolve, because this shows me they fear us. They wouldn’t be seething in the comments if they thought they had any chance of winning.

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