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Things the Narcissist Does When You’re Not Around

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You know who I’m talking about: those individuals in your life who seem to thrive on manipulation and self-importance. But what happens when you turn your back? Let’s get into the raw truth of their world, without any sugarcoating.

When you’re out of the picture, narcissists dive headfirst into their addiction of choice. And trust me, they’ve got a long list: food, sex, alcohol, drugs, you name it. But at the top of that list? Their addiction to people. It’s like they’re wired to seek constant validation and attention, and they’ll do anything to get it. When you’re not around, they’re probably scrolling through social media or swiping on dating apps, hunting for their next hit of admiration. It’s not about forming genuine connections; it’s about feeding their endless hunger for approval.

This behavior might throw you off because, let’s be honest, sometimes narcissists seem like they prefer being alone. But don’t let that fool you. When they’re off by themselves, chances are they’re not really alone. They could be messaging someone, sending out pictures, anything to feel attractive and powerful. They’re masters of keeping these interactions hidden, giving them a sense of control and superiority.

And here’s the kicker: narcissists are both greedy and scavengers. They’re not picky. They’ll latch onto any source of attention, no matter how brief or superficial. The scary part? This relentless pursuit of new ‘supply’ can lead them to engage in activities that are, to put it mildly, less than honorable. Activities that, if you knew about them, would tarnish your image or hurt you. It’s a twisted game of deception and manipulation, played behind the scenes.

The truth is, narcissists are experts at wearing masks. They might appear charming and charismatic, but behind closed doors, it’s a whole different story. They thrive on this duplicity, getting a thrill from living a double life. It’s a toxic cycle of seeking temporary highs to fill a void that can never really be satisfied.

At this point, you might be thinking, “How can someone be so self-absorbed?” Well, it’s all about the narcissist’s inner world. Deep down, they’re driven by insecurity and a fragile sense of self-worth. This relentless search for attention and validation is a desperate attempt to fill that inner void. But the sad truth is, it’s a bottomless pit.

Living in the Shadows of Narcissism

You might think that a narcissist flaunting their misdeeds in your face is the ultimate betrayal. But there’s something more sinister. It’s the things they do quietly, believing they still have a grip on you. It’s a twisted game of control. They don’t always need to parade their actions; sometimes, the mere knowledge that they’re getting away with something is enough for them. It’s about that power play, knowing they can still affect you without direct confrontation.

Narcissists are chameleons, adapting their behavior to suit their current needs. Their addictions, be it to substances, activities, or people, often don’t align with your values. It’s like they live in a parallel universe where the rules and morals that govern your life don’t apply to them. When you’re not around, they might indulge in these behaviors more freely, bringing unwanted elements into your life indirectly. This is why it’s vital to be aware and protect yourself from their influence.

But here’s a crucial point: don’t let their actions dictate your happiness. Yes, narcissists may be wreaking havoc when you’re not looking, but that shouldn’t consume your life. There’s a profound truth in focusing on peace, love, and joy — things that narcissists can’t take away from you. You have the power to define your life, not them. It’s essential not to let their shadow darken your world.

The Narcissist’s Hidden World

Alright, let’s talk about what a narcissist is really up to when you’re not in the picture. We’ve peeled back the layers, seen their addictions and manipulations, but there’s more to this story. This is about their true self, the person behind the curtain, and trust me, it’s a reality check we all need.

When you’re out of sight, narcissists are in their element, indulging in their favorite pastime: seeking new supply. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a compulsion. They’re swiping through dating apps, sliding into DMs, anything to get that hit of attention. They’re like addicts, but instead of substances, their drug of choice is people’s admiration, attention, validation. And when you’re not there, they’re bingeing on it without a second thought.

But here’s the thing: they might play the lone wolf card, but that’s just smoke and mirrors. They need people, they crave the attention. When they seem to prefer being alone, don’t be fooled. There’s likely someone else they’re giving their time to, someone you don’t know about. They’re messaging, flirting, sending pictures — whatever it takes to feel desired, powerful, and in control.

It’s a relentless pursuit, but it’s not just about pleasure. It’s about power, about feeling important and irresistible. Every message, every like, every swipe is a validation of their worth in their eyes. And the scary part? It’s never enough. They’re always on the lookout for the next hit, the next person to charm and manipulate.

Narcissists are greedy and opportunistic. They’re scavengers in the world of human emotions, picking up whatever they can get, no matter how little it means to them. They use people like disposable commodities, a means to an end. It’s a temporary high that fades quickly, pushing them to look for their next victim.

Now, let’s be clear: this behavior is more than just bad decisions or poor judgment. It’s a reflection of their true nature. A nature that’s manipulative, deceitful, and utterly self-centered. They’ll spin a web of lies, create a façade of charm, all while living a double life behind your back.

The impact of this behavior is real and it’s damaging. It’s not just about the narcissist; it’s about how their actions can hurt and affect those around them. The people they use and discard, the trust they break, the chaos they create. It’s a ripple effect of emotional destruction.

In the world of a narcissist, you’re either a tool to be used or a threat to be managed. There’s no middle ground. And once you see that, once you understand the game they’re playing, you’re already one step ahead.

Remember, the more you know about their true nature, the better equipped you are to deal with them. Keep your eyes open, stay aware, and don’t let their deception catch you off guard.

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