The Vastness of Waves

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Wave — Photo by Laura Barry on Unsplash


Clock strikes one in Washington Claque tout others' springy move Hear the claptrap and elocution The primal nugget of condescension. Their mouthpiece harks like a lark The headless snake spit in the dark And trudge along to emphasize To snatch the crown, he fantasized.

II The current landscape unveiled The fiery vastness of waves; Some are lucid, some ambiguous Morphed in wormhole of fields. Leaders call them, ‘State of Affairs’ Are we in the trenches of doom? And or bound to be gloom? Must we be in a conciliatory room?

III When Halfwit casts Hypnos’ head. He harbored his breath, To lull us to bed. While he and others Feasted on our bread, they cunningly Assuaged us, with lofty craft intrigue. While hurriedly absconded, They locked our brains to bleed As matters seared to crisp The others slipped and skipped.

IV The throbbing pain of contagion Enmeshed the world from state to state All actors riffed with contention Each one posed a flaming spate. As plague raged on to mortuary, Some rocked their boats of mockery. Front-liners toiled incessantly As mortal coils in fast decay.

V The Chiefs of realms assert their stand Conversed in such elusive rants Led erudite against untaught Sparred at length and spread their naught. To mitigate and amend The panacea that could end The growth of plague on all the lands, To save the state of humankind.

VI Yet modes of thought have now emerged, As leading experts on the plague. But only two went up the ranks: The pro and anti-vaccine camps. The so-called, ‘Anti-vaxxers’ claimed their truth. But science experts showed their proofs. Both have claimed the harbinger of truth. Yet more and more are now confused.

VII Now comes the scariest of all When riff-raffs stormed the Themis hall Coaxed by carpetbaggers’ call They carried out felonious faults. When everything is said and done Some retreated to their land Some shored up in other states As others howled at their fate.

VIII But somehow all along the lines Someone has to pay their fines For justice heed accordingly Uphold the law with penalty. Some Patricians and Pharisees Slipped away from their misdeeds From Brown to Red and lower breeds Take all the brunch of Themis peeves.

IX Let’s switch our frames to zero nine Some other waves deserve to mine COP-29 a climate sign That rings our state as humankind. The prime demand among us all Work together — a paramount call It isn’t one effort, but everyone’s role To change the climate for a livable world.

X Moments lapses cause levees to break. His roaring thunder left the earth to shake Far away Elpis may not bring joy herein. Crashed con reckless danger He hid upon our sins. Then some professed with aegis In new disturbing trend, The vast waves of anger: never settle still.

Written by Author: Santayana Rose — is passionate about writing and ideas.

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When it states written by Lewis Harrison at the bottom of this poem it refers to the Poetry Portal. This specific poem is by Santayana Rose.

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