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The Top Signs You’ve Experienced Narcissistic Abuse with Marina J

As today’s guest Marina J. reminds us, if we don’t allow ourselves to heal from toxic relationships, it’s difficult to really live.

Marina J. is an expert on narcissistic abuse, coaching women so they can reclaim their freedom, power, and light. She specializes in shadow work and is the author of Turn Yourself On, which is about turning on your power and your ability to heal.

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Recently, Karolina released the episode, “10 Reasons Alcohol is Like a Toxic Ex-Boyfriend,” which was based on a real experience. For her, learning she didn’t just have a jerk of an ex-boyfriend — that she actually suffered narcissistic abuse — was so empowering.

Narcissistic abuse is more common than we might think, but giving it a name and proper space allows you to unpack it and move forward. The good news? There are some key things we can do now to start flourishing, so please share this episode with the women in your life who need to hear it.

→ Listen here: https://euphoricaf.com/the-podcast/experienced-narcissistic-abuse

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