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The Right Way to Protect Your Borders

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It will require a World-Wide Policy Change. It will come, not through ethnic cleansing, but through Free Movement of Peoples through neighboring countries.

I am not an advocate of ethnic cleansing. This is a call for Humanism.

One of my yoga students had been a child during World War II. She grew up with a clear memory of standing in a London street, holding her mother’s hand, with a machine-gunning fighter plane bearing down on them from the sky. It got so close that she could see the pilot. He turned the plane at the last moment and flew away.

It wasn’t until many years later that she mentioned that memory to her mother. Her Mum couldn’t believe it. “You remember THAT?” she exclaimed.

It had really happened.

This prompts me to stick my neck out and make the following unpopular statement:

It seems to me that most philosophical supporters of the Third Reich were human beings who envisioned a Utopian society. I think they would have preferred to achieve it without a program of war or ethnic cleansing.

No young soldier ever wanted to kill young women with children. They were brainwashed to do it through their training. You can learn that on the History Channel.

So, here is my proposal to countries today, who believe in racial purity and would rid themselves of certain ethnic populations. I know this is idealistic, and it will necessitate a complete overhaul of the current world system. But here it is:

Do you want certain minorities to leave? Then treat them compassionately like the human beings they are, and help them to move.

And while you’re in that process, feed their families when they are hungry, and shelter them until the new country is able to take them.

That way, when they are finally gone, they will bless you for the way you behaved toward them. And you will have friends in the world, instead of enemies.

Believe me, your national karma as you embark upon your Utopian society will be so much better with friends in the world, than with enemies.

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