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The Only Thing You Need to Hear if You’re Stressed

How stress is going to affect your daily life.


Stress is causing us so many health-and relationships problems, and it’s noticable.

But the fact that stress comes from internal causes is not overlooked among people who suffer from it.

How am I affecting myself then, Am I causing stress to myself?

The answer is yes, in the most cases you are making things look heavier to you, and that causes stress.

When the thing is probably not that big, your mind will trick you into believing that this thing is big and important, and this causes anxiety and also makes you overthink.

You have to remember that nothing in this world is worthy of this amount of anxiety, and truly believe it.

Eventually it’s going to fade, the problem is going to be solved, it can take how much time it wants to take, sometimes you cannot control it.

We overthink because we can’t control the problem, we immediately run to our minds, where we thought these problems could be solved.

But in reality, it just takes time.

Now, I’m writing these words having nothing in mind that takes away my sleep, or distrub me in any way, But I’m sure when something shows up, and I think about it the whole day, These words are not enough, they will be difficult to imply.

Listening to words, reading somebody’s stroy about the same issue we have, feels good in the moment but, then it would be disatser again..

But we have to understand the concept of TIME. Time is going to change everything, if the will is there.

Time changes places, your values, your features, your problems. So the last thing you should be worried about is probably the thing that’s taking your peace now.

Thank you for reading, I hope you will get better!

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