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The Meaningless Journey

A poem about mistakes and second chances

Photo by Oliver Roos on Unsplash

For only but my willingness to do it out of spite I took a journey meaningless to prove that I was right

Despite the pain inside of me I payed the heavy cost So many voices guiding me only to get me lost

They promised me immortal wealth and other fantasies Betray a little of myself was all they asked of me

A minor inconvenience to set aside my dreams And for an end so meaningless I justified the means

I did not think for what I stood but what I stood to gain And in my vanity I would deny this fault in vain

With pride so big it swallowed me I wallowed in my shame An empty path had followed me and hollow I became

I walked in sickness and in sin committed to my cause And when the light grew very dim it didn’t give me pause

The angry thoughts that merrily I carried in my mind I knew in time would burry me repaying me in kind

The weight became too much to bare the light too dim to see I had to end my journey there before it ended me

The guilt I bore from my mistakes had left me comfortless Succumbing to it’s numbing ache I finally came to rest

And in my sorrow I was weak My lips too cold to pray But if I had the strength to speak what would I even say?

Of nothing I had come to know as nothing was my aim And nothing left but to let go the nothing I had gained

And then I heard a gentle voice somewhere inside my core a whisper so unlike the noise I listened to before

It made no lofty promises no otherworldly claims It only asked for honesty and promised me the same

It said the phantoms I had chased are only but a thought And all of them will be erased forgiven and forgot

If only I begin again in time I’ll pay my due The answers will be given and my light will be renewed

I set upon a brand new road a different aim in sight and rightly paying what I owed reclaiming my own light

I feel it gently guiding me with every winding turn And lovingly inviting me awaiting my return

I’m on a different journey now I walk a different path And every day I’m learning how to lighten up and laugh

The lessons learned from my mistakes are my eternal wealth They bring me comfort as I take the journey back to Self

Alex Besson 2023

The Lark
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