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The Little Things

Tender and kind

Photo by Kite Fulton on Unsplash

In the grand tapestry of life, we find, That it’s the little things that truly define, The moments that sparkle, seemingly small, Hold the power to uplift and enthrall.

A gentle smile from a passing stranger, A helping hand in times of danger, The warmth of a hug, so tender and kind, These little gestures, the world they bind.

A cup of tea on a chilly day, A sunrise painting the sky with its rays, The laughter shared with a dear friend, These little joys, they never end.

For in these moments, we come alive, Discovering the beauty that does survive, The little things, they hold the key, To living a life that’s truly free.

So cherish each day, both big and small, Embrace the beauty that surrounds us all, For it’s in appreciating these little things, That the world transforms and joy it brings.

© 2023 Amy Christie

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