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The Life of A Millennial In a Gen-Z World

I only wish the time machine had been discovered much earlier.

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If that was the case… I mean the time machine has been available for the late 90s. I would travel back in time and ensure I was born a Gen Z.

Before reading completely.

Know now that you are lucky to witness Generation Z.

  • If you know any Gen Z you are in luck.
  • If you’ve got one as a child, you are even more lucky.

But wait!

Have you ever had the feeling that you were born in the wrong generation?

I mean to say just a little nudge that makes you travel in time within your mind and you so wish you were present when things transpired.

Apart from this Gen Z wish, I so wish I was present when the Americans hassled the British for freedom. That would be a sight to behold.

If you’ve ever had the feeling that you were born in the wrong generation?

Then you will be me right now, and imagine I am putting on your shoes.

You would simply wish you could turn back the hands of time and live in the time you desired.

I’m a millennial, and I’m grateful for my experiences and what I saw.

I was having a conversation with a friend, and she’s Gen Z. She loves reading, writing, and watching movies. And she’s not on TikTok.

Now, that caught my attention.

Which Gen Z isn’t on TikTok?

I mean even millennials are on TikTok. Gen Zs are the kings and queens of social media, let alone TikTok.

She seemed to enjoy Facebook over TikTok. She wished she had been born in an age where social media wasn’t apparent and enjoyed how peaceful life was.

I could understand her point of view, and now, with the advent of technology, so many things have changed, including us.

If this all feels vague;

Gen Z is a group of individuals born between 1997 and 2010. They are called the Zoomers and the digital natives.

Unlike us, the millennials, who didn’t have the internet when we were growing up, Gen Zs had it at their fingertips.

It seems people follow the trend, but others just prefer not to, and that’s okay. There are some things I admire about Gen Z.

#1 — Their innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

Due to the advent of the internet, Gen Z has been making waves by using it to its full advantage.

Using multiple platforms to promote their business. Learning new skills and acquiring knowledge. The world is at their fingertips.

In Nigeria:

Photo by Utiva on Crunchbase

A tech company called ‘Utiva has a Millennial CEO, and top managers who are Gen Zs. The company is a one-stop shop for everything Technology Skills Training. With over 45,000 users and worth of over $100m.

#2— Gen Zs embrace diversity and inclusiveness for everyone

With the advent of technology, they believe they can make a change. They don’t sit down and wait for change; they make it happen.

They push past traditional norms and culture. And are adapted to embrace the changes the world shows. Though they are young, their voices are loud.

They are activists fighting for human rights, climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, and political changes in their respective countries.

In Nigeria:

Photo by Ayanfe Olarinde on Unsplash

A crowd of Gen Zs and a younger generation of Nigerias followed in the footsteps of historic activists, as they trooped out in support of inclusiveness, and against the violations of human rights.

#3— Mental health is their top priority

What was once considered a stigma has now been seen in a different light. Creating a safe space for the discussion of mental health and available treatment.

Being a millennial, I’m quite happy with the changes and innovations Gen Zs are forging. But I can’t help but wonder if they are happy with what they have.

The age of technology was a new dawn that ushered humanity into a new era. The Gen Zs were born with that, and I wonder how that has affected their lives.

My friend that I had mentioned earlier didn’t like going out, not because she didn’t want to, but rather because she didn’t know how to communicate.

This is the reason she reads and writes — to learn how to express herself.

I wonder if the majority of them feel this way. And I believe that’s why the issue of mental health was highly discussed on every platform.

But that doesn’t stop me from admiring the strength that Gen Zs carry. The determination and change they wish to make.

In Nigeria:

Photo by Oga Monday from Csmonitor

Young Gen Z individuals support and make mental health issues a norm as it is forced on the faces of health practitioners as it has become an issue of public health.


So, do you wish you were born at a different time or are you glad you got to enjoy your generation?

I certainly enjoyed mine and won’t be trading it.

Thank you so much for reading my article today. My gratitude towards you knows no bounds. I will be publishing another article very soon.

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