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The Hummingbirds of Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

© Deborah Kunzie Photographer

I like to think my images reflect such things as solitude, peaceful moments, or a pause in this busy world.

On this particular day, inside the Bolsa Chica reserve, was really hot! I had walked a five-mile clay trail up and down cliffs and scaled over fallen debris along the path.

Bolsa Chica is a 300-acre coastal haven, located in Huntington Beach, is a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a unique glimpse into the area’s rich biodiversity and natural history. The reserve’s primary mission is to protect and restore the vital wetlands ecosystem that has been rapidly disappearing due to urbanization and development. The reserve’s restoration efforts have been nothing short of remarkable, transforming what was once a degraded area into a thriving habitat for countless species.

These wetlands serve as crucial stopovers for migratory birds along the Pacific Flyway, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.

This fast-paced bird, the hummingbird, thrives well along the Pacific coast.

I heard him behind me. His wing movement creates an unusual sound, a melody of nature.

I turned around to see him when he stopped midair just long enough for me to make this image.

Anna’s Hummingbirds are commonly seen at Bolsa Chica Reserve known for its reddish-brown feathers and distinctive call. Anna’s Hummingbird is also the largest species of hummingbird found in California.

Another common species at the reserve is the Costa Hummingbird. This bird is smaller than Anna’s Hummingbird and has iridescent green feathers. The Costa’s Hummingbird is also known for its long beak, which it uses to reach deep into flowers to collect nectar.

The last common species of hummingbird at Bolsa Chica Reserve is the Allen’s Hummingbird. This bird can be distinguished from other species by its orange-red throat patch. The Allen’s Hummingbird is known for being one of the fastest flyers in the avian world and can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

Talk about a fleeting moment…

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