The Greatest Inheritance Parents Can Leave Behind To Their Children Is Not Wealth But — The Firm Aqeedah And Hearts That Believe In Allah(swt):

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Aqeedah refers to those matters which are believed in, with certainty and conviction — in one’s heart and soul. They are not tainted with any doubt or uncertainty.

The Arabic word ‘aqeedah stems From the root ‘aqada, which conveys meanings of certainty, affirmation, confirmation, etc. In the Quran.

Have parents ever thought that sometimes they could be tarnishing a child’s Fitra?

For example- A child gets scared, so his mother tells him ‘don’t be scared, I’m with you’. And she keeps telling him this and that she’s by his side until the child grows up pushing away his Fear because his mommy is ‘there’.

Or the Father tells his children, ‘don’t be scared as long as I’m working I will get you the bicycle you want and the candy you asked For’.

Psychologists say From the time of a person’s childhood he has Feelings of want, weakness, and neediness — They need to attach to something that has qualities of power, perfection, and richness.

For this reason, you Find children’s cartoons based on Fictional characters like superman who watches people From above and comes down to rescue those he loves. He has qualities of strength and power.

There are many other Fictional characters based on these qualities and this Fills the child’s heart and mind — because his Fitra is in need of something strong.

If you don’t Fill your child’s heart with attachment to Allah swt) then something else will come and attach it to Fictional Characters — Don’t even let them be attached to you! Because you’ll be absent, you’ll Fall sick, you’ll get tired, your salary can end, and you will leave this world.

Let him Feel true safety and security with the One Who’s stronger and richer than you. Make him attach to Allah (swt) because then you’ll Fill this instinctive need in him. He will become balanced even if he’s alone

He won’t be afraid to Face difficulties in life because he knows Allah (swt) is the One Who will help him. He will Feel safe because He knows Allah (swt) will protect him, why? Because you explained to him that Allah is Al Hafeedh (الحفيظ) and He will protect you and Everyone.

He will lead his life Trusting Allah (swt) and depending on Him For all matters — Let him hear while he’s young that, ‘Allah protects us’, ‘Allah gives us’, ‘Allah make us succeed’, ‘Allah is with us’.

The Greatest Inheritance parents can leave behind to their children is not Wealth but the Firm aqeedah and hearts that Believe in Allah(swt).

So,the point is that — while training the child, the parents should teach him Aqeedah and inculcate the love and Fear of Allah(swt) in the child's heart.

Teach the child that every action should be done according to the order of Allah(swt) and For His pleasure, then he will be successful in this Life and the Hereafter.

May Allah (swt) help us and make our hearts attached to Him.(Ameen).

JazakAllah (May Allah Reward You [with] Goodness)For Reading.

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