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The Best Way to Enjoy Your Current Moment

The only way to live happily.

We are not ourselves anymore.

We are over-engaging in our thoughts that we forget where we are. We are doing routinely things everyday but we are not aware that we are somwhere else.

But, one year ago, you worried about this current moment.

Are you having trouble with living peacefully and simply living the moment?

Let’s dig deeper into the solutions:

1- Remember where you are:

Just simply interrupt your ongoing thoughts by remembering where you are, and what you are doing right now.

This is very simple, remembering may be hard at first, but trust me, it will be a habit.


You are not your thoughts, you are not your life either.

You have to cherish the place you are in right now.

This helps you to:

  • Remember things easily
  • Live the moment
  • Be happy
  • Appreciate small things

2- Meditate/ Pray

Take a break from the chaos around you and in you. Try thinking of what you are doing now instead.

This is best to do when you are meditating/praying. Because you are in a state where your thoughts are being shut down by this simple activity.


You are calm, you have floating thoughts as before, but the difference is that these thoughts are now observed, not absorbed.

Meditating and praying are the same, if you are religious and pray, that’s exactly meditating in your religion, because they have the same principles and benefits.

Of course, you can try to meditate if you like. It’s just a form of meditation.


That’s a whole topic itself. But it’s very important to establish.

Mindfulness is activities done to live the now. and enjoying it.

Coloring, walking, journaling, reading, listening to a podcast, hobbies etc…..


These are activities that keep your mind busy. They are helping you to stay away from your thoughts and to take a break from life a bit.

That’s why, we find people saying that football, or any sport, is helping them to escape life. When they have a lot going on, or a difficult matter.

These activities help if you look at them with new eyes. You are doing them now because you are aware that these are here to be cherished, not to be ignored.

So start going outside, without music or a podcast. Just walk.

4- Appreciate the relationships you have:

I can not emphasize this enough.


We forget that people around us are not here forever.

This is sad, but it’s true. We are not guaranteed to live the next three seconds, same with your loved ones.

Live, love, and treat them like you want, like it’s the last time you will ever see them, and don’t think of it as a sad thing, that’s not the point.

The point is to genuinely enjoy those little moments, with children, your parents and friends.

We think of anything else when we are with them.

So please appreciate the time you are with them.

Thank you for reading this

And I hope you will get everlasting happiness in your life.

Please leave a response and a follow, thanks!

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Living In The Present
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