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The beauty of a proper Divorce. Relationships, Love and Honesty.

My best husband in the world and I are often on the very brink of divorce. Naturally in the best sense of this meaning. Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything in detail now!

Some time ago I really liked the phrase of one very cool Master of Life that “divorce is a person’s recognition of the fact that he was divorced.”

In fact, this is how it is, people get married, get married, interact before the wedding with someone completely different from the one with whom they then have to live. Blatant lies and innocent understatement before marriage are a defense mechanism of the Ego, which strives to obtain its own benefit from the relationship, to subordinate and control the partner.

And what kind of people find explanations and meanings that mask the real selfish motives of one or another of their behavior! How masterfully psychological techniques and terms are chosen! All romantic literature and NLP are built on this.

Of course, it is worth noting that not in all cases such ego behavior is the result of the implementation of a plan to “take over someone else’s world.” This usually happens due to banal unawareness, lack of necessary knowledge about building harmonious relationships and conditioning by improper upbringing and example.

And so, when the Soul can no longer tolerate this whole theatrical farce, then this wonderful tool for correcting the path of life appears — Divorce.

Can you imagine what honesty and courage you need to have, first to realize this significant fact of life, then to truly accept it and correctly manifest it into reality. But there is no other way. Without this there is no growth! The eternal game of two sick Egos, which causes damage to a large number of people, their Souls and those close to you who are in contact with you suffer.

For these arrogant and cunning entities, open and honest “Confrontation” is unprofitable, and sometimes unbearable. The ego can be cunning in different ways, deliberately allowing itself to be humiliated in order to later rise above its partner.

Even the true meaning of the concept of “Confrontation” is deliberately distorted, and instead of “standing opposite each other, face to face, communication,” it has a negative connotation and is mentally associated with struggle.

And a sincere person who can stand opposite and have an honest dialogue with a partner can rarely stab you in the back.

Thus, if each of the partners in a couple can find the strength to overcome their Ego, to totally accept the possibility of a proper Divorce as one of the options for further developments, this can become the door to their new, happy and harmonious life. Nothing else will be able to prevent their joint fruitful development and transformation.

Now it is not our two egos that meet, but two loving Souls, two full-fledged and equal points of view, immeasurably respecting and appreciating each other.

We get high and enjoy our “conflicts”, as a result of which new levels of relationships arise and the truth is born, as it really is. And our union daily becomes a citadel of love, protecting and protecting us and, very importantly, our children from possible adversities of the world around us.

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