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The Apocalypse is Unavoidable

Sorry to bring doom and gloom to your springtime but there’s no way around it.

Make the most of this April because we might not get many more. I’m bracing myself for the hottest July ever, which is about to come our way soon.

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There are many different types of doomsday criers. I’m fascinated to research them, and write about them in this Medium publication — follow Calamity Countdown for more End of the World stories.

For me, the compelling argument that:

  • humankind is on the verge of extinction,
  • we’ll be gone within a century,
  • and that’s almost unavoidable

is explained perfectly in The Busy Worker’s Handbook to the Apocalypse by

Sam Hall — and note we eagerly await an update.

The Handbook to the Apocalypse is a big sweeping overview of the science showing that earth is past the tipping point of disaster for humanity (probably).

It shows things are bad — very bad. So very bad.

It is far worse than the government or mass media want you to know.

Sam’s research is summed up in the opening paragraph in theform of a prediction:

Climate change will cause agricultural failure and subsequent collapse of hyperfragile modern civilization, likely within 10–15 years. By 2050 total human population will likely be under 2 billion. Humans, along with most other animals, will go extinct before the end of this century. These impacts are locked in and cannot be averted.

Scientists who know about this stuff are shouting out but ignored and sometimes mocked. Their warnings are dismissed as fiction — like a trailer for an Apocalyptic End of Days blockbuster film for the cinema.

We haven’t got a couple of decades to get to net zero and save the day — that is a myth. It’s too late for that.

The world won’t stay below a 2C temperature rise and most importantly of all, before this century is out earth will be hotter than it has ever been while humans have been alive.

We’re looking at a 4C rise within the next 75 years.

Can humans or any large mammals survive this higher temperature? Unlikely, given the pace of change and that there won’t be time to adapt

  • You don’t have to “believe” it is caused by humans and fossil fuels.
  • You can “believe” people had nothing to do with it.
  • Because either way we’re past all that now.
  • The problem is the feedback loops — if we ever had a chance to reverse climate change or not is now irrelevant because it is too late
  • Sam says even if we stop being modern industrialised people today the processes are in motion like a runaway train, they can’t be stopped.

It is too late.

I think Sam is probably right but you can read the paper and judge the evidence for yourself. And note, it isn’t just Sam and me saying it is too late — it’s propa scientists.

The scientific evidence is overwhelming and the cover-up orchestrated by a complicated web of vested interests is not surprising. According to Sam (not their real name).

Can We Do Anything to Halt Climate Change and Save Humanity?


Probably not.

Just prepare!

I’m not sure how things will pan out when agriculture collapses and there’s widespread famine. There will be riots and war as well as natural catastrophes such as floods and sea level rises.

We can’t really predict where on earth will be the best place to be at 4C+ with ongoing climate changes in the centuries to come.

If there are any survivors at all, I suspect they’d do best in Siberian Russia with it’s large land mass and lots of potential farming land.

Ukraine has been important for food in the past — I have no clue about its future 100 years from now.

Sam hints at the political problem and what we can do.

Look, even if the worst thing that stops us helping ourselves is Capitalism and the only solution is a Socialist Working Class Revolution bringing about an egalitarian utopia it seems this is unlikely to happen and it’s too late.

Humankind had plenty of chances in the past and blew it.

You may as well pray to God, there’s nothing to lose. What do you think?

We humans always cling on to hope. It must be in our DNA. I suppose that’s what drives survival and has got us to this point.

And so finally I want to point you to another article that show we are on the edge of a tipping point if not already past it.

Quentin Septer still seems to have some hope that people will do the right thing just in time.

Please let me know what you think and feel free to leave links in the comments.

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