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The article outlines the top five Chrome extensions for enhancing cybersecurity, including VPNs, ad blockers, domain information tools, reverse image search, and privacy cleaning utilities.


The article "The 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Cybersecurity" provides a curated list of Chrome browser extensions aimed at bolstering users' online security and privacy. It recommends Browsec VPN for secure and private browsing, Adblock for eliminating intrusive and potentially harmful ads, IP Address and Domain Information for SEO and security research, TinEye Reverse Image Search for verifying image authenticity, and Click&Clean for simplified browser data cleanup and malware scanning. The author emphasizes the importance of these tools in protecting against cyber threats and enhancing the overall browsing experience, suggesting that even those not specialized in cybersecurity can benefit from their use.


  • The author highly recommends Browsec VPN, especially its free version, for users without a current VPN service.
  • Adblock is praised for its ability to improve browsing speed and privacy by blocking various types of ads and trackers.
  • The IP Address and Domain Information extension is endorsed for its utility in online investigations and SEO analysis.
  • TinEye Reverse Image Search is presented as a valuable tool for verifying online information, such as checking the authenticity of images on dating profiles to prevent catfishing.
  • Click&Clean is favored for its convenience in clearing browsing data and scanning for malware with just a few clicks.
  • The author suggests that these extensions are not just for cybersecurity professionals but should be considered internet best practices for all users.
  • The article concludes by inviting readers to follow the author for more cybersecurity and IT-related content, indicating a personal investment in the topic and a desire to share knowledge.

The 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Cybersecurity

1- Browsec VPN


There are a bunch of paid VPN services out there, but Browsec has a free version which allows you to use VPN between 4 locations, with the default for me being the Netherlands. It is an incredibly popular extension with over 400,000 users. There are a whole host of features including:

  • Secure IP changer
  • Solid data protection
  • Remote servers
  • Safety guarantees

So if you don’t have never used a VPN or don’t currently have one I would highly recommend this option.

Browsec VPN offers premium options as well, which allow for faster access (it is quite slow on the free version) and the choice of 40+ virtual locations. There are three price options for monthly, annually or every 2 years.

If you’re interested in this extension I have written an article covering secure web browsing including how to set up Browsec and how to prevent DNS leak and WebRTC leak here:

2- Adblock


This well known nifty extension blocks ads on pages and pop ups which could potentially be malicious. It makes for a cleaner searching experience. Remember though that some websites have ad blocking investigation tools and will prevent you access to their site if they detect you’re using one and ask you to disable it. Features of this tool are:

  • Block annoying video ads and banners
  • Block pop ups
  • Stop tracking and give yourself more privacy
  • Fight off destructive malvertising that can hide in ads
  • Give yourself faster browsing (as resources are blocked from loading)
  • Customisable features, like whitelisting for favorite sites
  • Get free and constant support
  • Give yourself simply more control of the experience you want

3- IP Address and Domain Information


This extension displays detailed information about the current website. The information can be used for online investigation and search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes. When on a webpage you can see information like:

  • IP info (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • DNS
  • Whois data
  • Router
  • Domain neighbours
  • Blacklists
  • ASN information

Below is an example of the extension in action. As you can see we get the Public Server IP (IPv4) and some other data from the features listed above.

4- TinEye Reverse Image search


This extension allows users to reverse image search whilst still on the page. Features include:

  • Find the origin of the image
  • Where it came from
  • See if the image is available on a stock website
  • Find higher resolutions versions
  • Use for verification, like on a dating profile (you don’t want to be catfished)
  • See other webpages that may use the image
  • See if the image is edited

Here is a quick demo using the tool:

This is a much faster option than copying and pasting the results into the website and I would highly recommend you install it.

If you’re interested in the reverse image searching I have written several articles on the topic, see below one of them

5- Click&Clean


Now most people know that if you go through your Chrome settings you can remove your typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download and Browsing History manually, but Click&Clean allows you to do all that in just two clicks (if you’ve pinned this extension). The extension boasts the following features:

  • Scan your PC for Malware
  • Delete your browsing history
  • Remove download history
  • Erase temporary files
  • Clear cookies
  • Empty cache
  • Delete client-side Web SQL Databases
  • Remove Flash Cookies (LSOs)
  • Protect your privacy by cleaning up all traces of your internet activity
  • Clean up your hard drives and free up more disk space.

Here’s a quick look what the extension looks like:


Overall, these extensions should allow your browsing experience on Chrome to be smoother and more secure from potential nefarious threat actors. I’d recommend the above 5 to anyone even if they’re not in the cybersecurity space as they’re internet best practices.

If you enjoyed this article, I have written a list for the top 5 extensions for Firefox here:

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