The 4 Morning Bad Habits That Damage My Life

Short-term peace but long-term struggle stop doing this.

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Hi My friend,

The thing I wish I had learned before was this

According to Tim Ferris

“If you win the morning you win the day”

That means morning time matters the most in your life But in this post, I will share with you some of the morning mistakes that damage my life and (stop doing this).

Snoozing the Alarm

Every time instead of waking up I decided to choose the alternative option which was the snooze button

This decision shows that I have no energy for today’s work and will sleep again.

As a result, there’s no motivation for work.

So, Just stop doing this if you want to be more productive than me.

There’s no Plan for the Today

I Like to use pen and paper for making plans but this favorite method doesn’t support me.

Not waking up with a plan I face this challenge a long time so stop doing this at the end of the current day and make a clear plan for the next day.

In the morning you have a fresh mind which means you have more mental energy so use it in a good way.

And must separate into two parts small and big and be consistent and disciplined.

Checking Phone

More than 80% of phone users are addicted to this habit And I was one of them.

The first task in the morning was checking the phone and the average time spent was more than 30 minutes.

Scrolling social media and reading some (quora quotes) was my habit

Excellent Quora quote screenshot by authors

Good content means happiness otherwise mood off and start doubting myself now I have covered more than 70% like no use of my phone before 8:00 AM this has been my habit for one month.

Making excuses at work

Feeling tired at work Even though I am doing everything including my passion and interest

There’s no energy for work Then I made a list of tasks that was the necessary

  1. Writing daily

2. Learn something new daily

3. Focus on the input, not on the output.

And now, I have a little bit of improvement

That was the list of bad morning habits that damaged my life Now what next? Stop doing this It’s just short-term peace and long-term struggle.

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