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Ten Minutes For The Image

600 Second Pressure Cooker

You can make something beautiful — even if not perfect. Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

You can’t cook a damn thing in 10 minutes At best, you can do a little prep

It takes time for pressure to build It’s no easy task

I need time just to make sure I honed my knife Otherwise, I might not seem so sharp

Was that your intent, Carlo? Because I’m starting to sweat a lot

I feel a bead forming on my lip Or is that a fleck of egg?

Anyone want to call me with good ideas? There are none in my head

Holiday laze has gotten the best of me It happens this time of year

I won’t even touch the pressure cooker As long as a bit of brie is here

I took 20 seconds away to change the song And this one is similarly no good.

But whether it’s good, bad, or shit I need the quick release

Like the valve on a pressure cooker Writing’s a beast

And as much as I’d like to just walk away I don’t know that I can anymore

A prisoner of my strange mind I have more ideas than I can store

Good ideas need time and energy to come to pressure Without both I’m not more, I’m lesser

But I don’t let that stop me There’s plenty of crap in my repertoire

But like any game If you don’t shoot, you don’t score

If you don’t score, you don’t win If you don’t win, were you even here?

Maybe you can cook something in 10 minutes

Sometimes I hate prompts. There are a few people who help me muster the energy up to try. Carlo Zeno is one of the people that I find motivating. I always look forward to his working class takes on the social constructs we’ve built up amongst ourselves. Takes that are equally cynical and accurate, interspersed with biting humor.

I would like to challenge Emily Ann Mark to sweat this one out! If she declines, I’ll cry just as hard as I did when watching “The Whale” last night. My eyes still hurt.

I suppose I’m a poetry person now.

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