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Taking the ornaments off the Christmas tree isn’t a major task…unless you collect Hallmark Ornaments.

An unwritten rule is that they must return to their original boxes. First, you must find the original box and then fit the plastic protector around it, slightly shaped like the ornament. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Hallmark ornaments, but getting them back in the box is like solving a Chinese puzzle. You probably won’t understand this if you’re not a collector, but I hope to paint a clear picture.

I hope you can see why removing the ornaments would take a long time. You collect these things over the years, and each one is precious to you and has a remembrance. For instance, I love having bird feeders and watching the birds, so some ornaments reflect that. My husband’s favorite Christmas movie was A Christmas Story, so as soon as I found an ornament of the ’leg lamp,’ I had to get it for him. I used to collect Santa Clauses, but they started to take over the house. So the next best thing is Santa ornaments. My husband always accused me of being childish at Christmas. That wasn’t an insult; he loved it, and so did I.

Photo by Marisa Howenstine on Unsplash

Never lose the child in you at Christmas or anytime, for that matter. It will keep you young and fun!

Okay, I still don’t have all the ornaments off the tree. Back to work! I may be done by tomorrow. After I get them all off and organized, it comes down to fitting them back into the plastic tub. That’s another Chinese puzzle. I will do it! I’m a champion!

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