Suspended in the Timeless Tide

Or in the Sand of Time?

Photo by AMAL CR on Unsplash

Foamy caresses from the ocean kiss the sandy imprints beneath,

As waves weave a hypnotic rhythm, encircling me like a wreath.

Ascending above terrestrial bounds, I sever worldly ties,

Bathed in serenity, I inhale the ocean’s sighs,

Tasting the salty essence of timeless skies.

My heartbeat dances with the water’s gentle retreat and advance;

I relinquish control, surrendering to the ocean’s trance.

Content to linger in this eternal moment, forsaking all tomorrows,

I bask in a space where time neither borrows nor bestows,

And my spirit, in this pause, quietly glows.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Yet, the grip of eternity softly loosens, and my senses stir,

Reluctantly acknowledging the world to which I must concur.

Gentle squeals of joy playfully coax my spirit, pulling me back with subtle clarity,

Drawing me earthward, bound by gravity’s sincerity,

And once again, I feel the sand’s soft solidarity.

Oh, dear ocean, to your boundless embrace, I vow to return,

To sip again from your potent elixir, for which I yearn.

Photo by NEOM on Unsplash

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