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Suffering Appropriately

Kamesh Vedula (Unsplash)

You’ve already learned your lesson — many times, in fact. We’re completely aware that folly and strife will find us. Rather than dwell, perhaps you should posit that the suffering can change hands next time.

Next time, it will be on my terms. You can count on that.

Life can grind on the mind. Yeah, we get it. Endure a little hardship in order to appreciate a “good time.” I’ve heard it a million times. You just need a reminder every now and then, you know?

Next time I’ve got something difficult on my hands, maybe rather than shove it away, I’ll nurse it. In fact, next time I will actually bring about more difficulty in order to outdo what I’ve already got on my plate. It’s like a donut on a baseball bat. Next time, maybe you could cushion yourself.

Call it “suffering appropriately.” Your mind is already made up. It was designed in order to endure and overcome all sorts of struggles. Oh, but no, you oust such notions. You’re quick to stamp out any first signs of a tough time. It’s alright. It’s human. You get a pass.

But next time…

Oh, you better believe that next time things will be different. They’ll be so different, it will actually be worth remembering. I won’t forget it either. In the past, those times of difficulty may have just been filed away and fallen by the wayside. Nuts to that. No, it’s about time you start keeping track of every time you strayed from ease.

If you did that, then maybe you’d begin enjoying what comfort actually feels like. “Comfort”. Yeah, you’ve become accustomed to it. It makes for a lot of who you’ve become and will continue to transform into. Oh, but all is not lost. Not even close.

No, you see, in reality, all points and all prior events that led up to this very moment were necessary. “Necessary”. Along with the word comfort, you shall never forget necessity. Shoot, everything you’ve ever known has molded you into the very being that stands before you today.

Next time…

Next time, you’ll forget none of this. Next time, you’ll actually view all of this as a lesson in time. You won’t fret. You won’t look at it all as a hindrance or nuisance. No. You’ll actually take a little pride in knowing you’ve made something just out of it all.

Next time, you’ll suffer appropriately.

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