avatarWilliam J Spirdione


Some Color on This Drizzly Winter Day

Sunday sonnet

Photo by William J Spirdione

With all this rain, the freeze and now a thaw, the color mostly drained some time ago. A glance, a thought, a flower petal’s flaw, though shouldn’t think it, almost miss the snow.

So why the sadness for the faded stuff? I hear the softest whistling tweet. It brings a wuk wok from the trees. It’s loud enough. As rain drops drip, hear fluttering of wings.

A bright red cardinal and quite large beast. A pileated woodpecker, this real live Woody on the suet, joins the feast. He’s usually not trusting a great deal.

And look, the birds don’t seem to mind the rain. I know it’s not much like them to complain.

Photo by William J Spirdione

Happy New Year’s Eve, my wonderful readers and thank you, Katie Michaelson, and The Daily Cuppa, for publishing these Sunday sonnets.

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