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Signs That You Have Surrendered In Your Twin Flame Journey

Imagine the twin flame journey as a river. The most unmistakable sign you have surrendered is that you’re not trying to swim anywhere.

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The physical world can be playful. It seems like the only way to manifest something is by making it happen when, indeed, it is more about surrendering and allowing it to happen.

Instead of forcing things, surrendering consists of removing every possible energetic blockage slowing down the process; this includes:

  • Fears (“What if it doesn’t happen?”)
  • Limiting beliefs (“It can’t happen because…”).
  • Expectations (“It must be this way…”).

Only when you let go of these blockages does the Universe have a freeway to turn around your life. Otherwise, it is like trying to put a gift inside of a full mailbox.

Becoming aware of the power of surrendering is liberating because now you can stop trying to harvest unripe apples. Instead, you can enjoy the changing seasons, knowing that the fruits will fall off the tree when they are ready. In the meantime, you can keep growing yourself.

Now, how can you tell if you have surrendered? How do your energy and perspective change when moving to this next stage in your journey? Let me share some positive signs I have noticed and may resonate with you.

These Are Signs That You Have Surrendered And Are Trusting The Universe

1. You Are Floating Instead Of Swimming

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Imagine the twin flame journey as a river. The most unmistakable sign you have surrendered is that you’re not trying to swim anywhere.

Previously, you were trying to reach a specific point on the shore, expecting to find your twin there. You were swimming in their direction, even against the current. Now, you have realized that it is easier to float and allow the river to take you whenever you must be.

One reason is that your twin is not waiting for you at any particular destination — one common misunderstanding about the journey — . They are also moving, healing, and growing. So, by focusing on swimming desperately towards them, you are only delaying your own process.

2. You Are Embracing Your Feelings (All Of Them)

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Somedays, the longing is maddening. It is hard to bear, and that is okay.

Somedays, your heart hurts, and you must find ways to stay positive. That is okay.

On other days, you feel an inner peace and sense of clarity that embraces your whole being, and that is okay.

There is freedom in allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel instead of trying to downgrade or rationalize the connection. Surrendering brings such freedom; you are not fighting your feelings for your twin anymore but have found a way to make them fit into your daily life.

When you stop seeing the connection as something that must be controlled, you are “unclogging” energetic pathways between you and your twin. Chances are that feeling their energy and communicating with them telepathically will be easier.

3. Union Feels Closer Than Ever

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The third sign that you have surrendered is that Union doesn’t feel unreachable or unrealistic anymore, but particularly close. It is a sensation of reassurance that comes from inner knowledge.

No matter what, you know that Union is possible. This certainty helps you heal one common fear — often unconscious — that makes us try to rush the process at first: the fear of time.

We want Union so bad, and we want it now, and we attribute that urgency to the love we feel for our twins. Yes, that is one motivator, but there is also the monster under the bed telling us, “If you don’t get this as soon as possible, you will lose it.”.

This is a human fear, indeed. It is rooted in our collective consciousness and comes from the idea that time is running out. But the Universe couldn’t be less worried about it simply because it rules time. This goes well with the mantras:

What will be, will be.


What is yours will find you.

4. Union Is A Consequence Instead Of A Destination

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At first, we think of Union as a final destination. The drawback in seeing it this way is a destination consists of a fixed point on a map, but Union is not something you can point at and say, “There it is; I just have to get here.”

Even if we imagine Union as a place, it wouldn’t have permanent coordinates because it reacts to your own thoughts and behavior. So, the more you try to move in its direction — or what you think is its direction — the more you drive apart from the journey itself.

With surrendering comes an entirely new perspective: Union is not a destination anymore but a consequence of what happens in the meantime. It is not something you must pursue, but allow it by focusing on your healing progress and diving into the spiritual purpose behind the connection.

Since you now have this understanding, you’re not rushing Union but allowing the current to guide you in the path that the Universe has designed for you. Only the current can speed up or slow down, taking you faster and further when you are ready or closer when you need more time and space for healing. But that is fine; you trust the current.

The current sees things we can’t and connects to water masses we don’t even know about. Think of the marvelous reality you can manifest when trusting this current with all your mind and heart.

Flow, And You Will Get Far

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Surrendering brings the joy of appreciation. It makes you more open and receptive to contemplate how your life is being transformed by this indescribable connection.

The Ego insists that the only way to get what we want is to chase it, go for it. The connection with our twin flame teaches us that when something is written in the book of Cosmos, the whole Universe will chase you instead. It will remind you of this bond every day and guide you in the best possible direction through all kinds of signs so that you can see what the journey is about:


The Ego wants you to swim desperately because it can’t conceive another way to survive while immersed in this calm, vast river. The Soul whispers, “Flow, and you will get far.”.

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