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Sharing My Wife’s Body: A Husband’s Hotwife Fantasy

A Cuckold Husband’s Steamy Stories of His Adventurous Wife

Venturing Beyond Convention: A wife and husband’s uninhibited exploration of each other’s deepest desires culminates in a series of scorching steamy scenes as they indulge their lustful appetites.

When an adventurous wife reveals her forbidden fantasies, her devoted husband is keen to oblige. His encouragement leads her to accept a handsome stranger’s indecent proposal, embarking on an illicit affair that ignites new passions within her. Behind closed doors, she indulges her deepest desires, discovering the true depths of her carnal cravings. Though she remains devoted to her husband, this new tantalizing temptation proves too powerful to resist. Her clandestine encounters unlock profound new pleasures, fulfilling desires she never knew she harbored. Nevertheless, playing with fire always carries consequences…

A few weeks later…

The memory of that passionate night with Ivy lingered — a thrilling secret Michael and I shared smiles over. Though an ephemeral encounter, it had cultivated new trust and unlocked hidden desires between us.

Which is how Michael and I found ourselves at a stylish hotel bar on a Friday night, my short black dress and his arm around my waist attracting interested glances. We chatted casually with fellow patrons, but our focus stayed on the entrance.

Right on time, Mark walked in — a charismatic colleague Michael had long nursed a workplace crush on. I found him just as irresistible. Catching Mark’s eye, Michael beckoned him over to join us.

The flirtatious banter flowed freely, along with drinks. Michael’s hand trailed up my thigh — hints I recognized. Sure enough, he soon extended an invitation upstairs to Mark. The smoldering look exchanged between them left no doubt that Mark would enthusiastically accept it.

In our suite, Mark wasted no time claiming Michael’s mouth in a fierce kiss. My arousal spiked as I watched their bodies press flush together. Not one to be left out, I molded myself to Mark’s strong back, reaching around to deftly unbutton his shirt.

Between Michael and me, Mark was swiftly stripped down to just his tight boxer briefs, his impressively toned body on display. I trailed hot kisses down his neck as my hands roamed his muscular chest and abs. Behind him, Michael ground against Mark’s firm backside, letting him feel how aroused they both were.

We guided Mark to the bed, shedding our own clothes along the way. Now all gloriously nude, we took our time caressing and teasing every inch of newly exposed skin. Mark lay back with a groan as Michael and I blazed trails with our mouths from his neck to his navel and beyond.

When Mark was aching and rigid between his legs, I finally took pity. Straddling his thighs, I slowly enveloped his thick length as Michael watched hungrily. Mark’s strong hands gripped my hips, guiding my pace as I rode him unhurriedly.

Leaning in, I claimed Michael’s mouth in a messy kiss, our tongues tangling. Mark took the opportunity to cover my swaying breasts with his large hands, teasing my stiff peaks. The onslaught of sensation soon had me trembling right on the edge of ecstasy.

Sensing how close I was, Mark urged me to climb faster and harder atop him. I shattered with a sharp cry, my inner muscles pulsing around him.

I rode out the last intense tremors atop Mark, thoroughly sated for the moment. Easing off him, I moved to kneel between the two gorgeous men. Taking each of their rigid lengths in hand, I stroked firmly up and down as they groaned their approval.

Leaning in, I swirled my tongue over Mark’s tip before taking him in my mouth. As I bobbed steadily on him, Michael shifted behind me. Gripping my hips, he thrust into my slick depths in one long stroke.

I moaned around Mark at the incredible fullness, the vibrations making him groan. Michael set up a driving rhythm, taking me from behind as I lavished Mark with my mouth and hands. The dual sensations soon had me writhing desperately between them.

Sensing I was close again already, Michael reached around to rub tight circles over my slick nub in time with his powerful hips. The added stimulation quickly pushed me over the edge with a cry of ecstasy, muffled by Mark still deep in my mouth.

Michael followed right after, grunting at his release. I had just enough presence of mind left to stroke Mark to completion as well, his salty essence coating my lips.

Even after those intense shared climaxes, our night of passion was far from over. We had only begun to explore the possibilities between us three.

I lay Mark back against the pillows once more, kissing a meandering trail down his torso until I could swirl my tongue over his most sensitive areas. He hardened swiftly under my oral attention.

At the same time, Michael maneuvered behind me, ready for more. Gripping my hips, he filled me deeply once again. I moaned long and low around Mark at the exquisite sensation of Michael’s powerful thrusts.

The blissful rhythm continued until Mark tensed and spilled himself down my throat with a guttural groan. I licked him gently as the last pulse faded.

Michael was close now too, with my clenching inner muscles gripping him tightly. He pounded into me erratically, seeking his own peak. I cried out wordlessly, right on the precipice again already.

With a few more well-angled strokes, Michael sent me careening over the edge a split second before I felt his release, hot and slick. We collapsed together in a thoroughly sated tangle of limbs for the moment.

As we caught our breaths tangled together, I reflected on how far Michael and I had come. Our already passionate marriage was now infused with new spice and trust. Rather than threatening our bond, inviting others to share in our intimacy only strengthened it.

I gazed into Michael’s eyes and saw the same abiding love and devotion as always, but now with added vulnerability. By giving ourselves over fully to pleasure and fantasy together, we uncovered new layers of ourselves and each other.

Mark propped himself up on one elbow, looking at us both intently. “I’ve never experienced anything like what the two of you share,” he said thickly. In that moment, I realized Mark longed for more than just physical release. Behind his swagger, he craved the emotional connection and affirmation found only through true intimacy.

Michael and I exchanged a meaningful glance. Wordlessly, I opened up my arms in invitation. Mark slid into my embrace, and Michael wrapped his strong arms around us both. Safe in our cocoon, Mark’s reservations seemed to dissolve. We had the whole night ahead to show him all the pleasures to be found when physical and emotional intimacy intertwined.

The first rays of dawn were breaking as we finally succumbed to satisfied exhaustion. Mark’s face was relaxed, and his lips curled contentedly. As we drifted off, still entwined, I knew we had given him a precious gift this night — one he would not soon forget.

A few weeks later…

Mark became a regular visitor to our bed, bonding with Michael and me on ever-deeper levels. We would take turns pleasing him, never rushing towards the climax and always drawing out the intimacy.

One lazy Saturday morning, Michael and I focused solely on Mark’s delight. We blindfolded him, heightening his other senses. Trailing kisses and caresses over his prone body, we edged him slowly higher without ever fully tipping him over.

When Mark was quivering with unfulfilled need, I finally straddled his hips, enveloping him in my slick heat. Michael kneeled behind me, massaging my breasts and rubbing teasing circles over my bud as I rode Mark steadily.

Between Michael’s skillful hands and the exquisite friction of Mark thick and hard inside me, I quickly spiraled up. My inner walls spasmed and clenched around Mark as I cried out in release.

The sensation pushed Mark over his own precipice with a loud groan, his hips pumping erratically beneath me. Michael followed right after the erotic sight, his own peak spurting over my lower back.

In the afterglow, we removed Mark’s blindfold to find his eyes shining with awe and gratitude. This had been more than sex; it was a true mingling of bodies and souls.

Our passionate encounters with Mark had become a regular occurrence. We were comfortable together in ways that exceeded the physical. Which is why Michael and I were shocked when Mark abruptly withdrew from us.

His texts went unanswered. Attempts to get together were deflected with vague excuses. When Michael finally cornered Mark at work, his eyes were downcast. “I can’t do this anymore,” he said simply, refusing to elaborate.

Michael was despondent, fearing we had somehow crossed a line. But my intuition told me something deeper was amiss with Mark. I showed up unannounced at his apartment one night, demanding answers.

The truth came pouring out amidst tears. Mark had started developing real romantic feelings for us both but felt too ashamed to admit it. He saw no future for a polyamorous relationship and had withdrawn to protect himself.

My heart ached for him. Tilting his chin up gently, I confessed that Michael and I also harbored a growing attachment. There were no easy answers, but walking away seemed far worse than trying to find a path forward together.

That night, we held Mark close between us, comforting and affirming. There would be much to discuss in the light of day, but we had already overcome the biggest hurdle: accepting our true feelings. Everything else could come in time.

Mark was overjoyed when Michael and I affirmed our romantic feelings for him. The three of us grew even closer as we navigated the new dynamics of our unconventional relationship.

A few months later, Michael shyly admitted his interest in also inviting another woman to join our intimate entanglement. Mark and I were open to the idea, wanting Michael to feel fulfilled.

We decided Michael should pursue the flirtation that had been growing between him and his cute receptionist, Emma. What started as work drinks progressed to Emma joining Michael on weekend getaways.

When they returned from one such trip, glowing with new passion, we invited Emma to join us all for dinner. The conversation and wine flowed freely, and Emma’s hand found its way to Michael’s thigh frequently.

Back at our place, with the kids at Grandma’s, we paused awkwardly. But as Michael pulled Emma into a passionate kiss, the rest of us felt emboldened to participate. Clothes were hastily shed as we came together in a tangle of curious caresses.

Moving things to the bedroom, Michael laid Emma down reverently. As he blazed a trail of kisses over her body, Mark and I joined in worshipping her exquisite flesh. Moans of delight soon filled the air.

Emma sighed blissfully as we lavished her with affection. Mark and I took turns kissing her deeply while caressing her breasts and warming her core with teasing strokes.

Watching Emma accept pleasure from Mark and me seemed to arouse Michael even more. He entered her slick heat slowly from behind, causing them both to moan.

As Michael built up a steady rhythm, I straddled Emma’s face into an intimate 69 position. She eagerly brought me to the edge with her lips and tongue. The combined sensations soon had us both crying out in mutual ecstasy.

Mark took his turn with Emma next, gliding smoothly into her tight depths as Michael moved behind him. I reached around to stroke Mark in time with Michael’s powerful thrusts. Mark groaned, overwhelmed by the intensity.

“Let go for us,” I urged softly. Emma’s fingers joined mine, caressing Mark as he drove deeper. With a loud shout, Mark finally came undone. Michael followed suit moments later.

Thoroughly spent, we collapsed in a satisfied tangle. I was struck by how right it felt to have Emma with us. Our unexpected love had organically grown large enough to encompass another.

Having Emma join our intimate circle opened up exciting new possibilities. Over many steamy nights together, we experimented with different combinations and delights.

One evening, Mark and Michael lavished oral attention on Emma until she was aching with need. With a mischievous smile, I brought out a box of toys to tease her further.

I used a small vibrator to trace maddeningly light circles around Emma’s most sensitive spots. Meanwhile, the men kept up their passionate caresses across the rest of her trembling body.

Right when Emma seemed on the verge of ecstasy from the vibrations, I would pull back, denying her release. By the third cycle, she was nearly sobbing with need.

Finally, I handed the toy off to Mark so I could mount Emma’s face in another intimate 69. As she eagerly tasted my arousal, Mark finally pressed the vibrator directly to Emma’s straining nub.

Her orgasmic cries were muffled against me as she climaxed explosively. I arched and shuddered atop her in my own intense peak seconds later.

When Emma recovered some, the look she gave me brimmed with gratitude and the promise of future retribution. I just smiled innocently in return, already imagining what exquisite torments we might devise together.

To be continued…

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