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The article outlines seven common mind games people play, detailing strategies for recognizing and outsmarting them to maintain personal dignity and mental health.


The author recounts a personal experience of overcoming bullying and shares insights on seven psychological manipulation tactics, such as gaslighting, dark humor, and constant criticism. Each tactic is accompanied by advice on how to counteract the manipulation, emphasizing the importance of self-advocacy, emotional detachment, and maintaining one's self-worth. The article encourages readers to be aware of these games, to trust their instincts, and to disengage from toxic relationships, advocating for a future where kindness and understanding replace manipulative behaviors.


  • The author believes that it is crucial to speak up against bullying and shameful behavior.
  • There is an underlying sentiment that individuals should not tolerate manipulative tactics and should protect their mental well-being.
  • The article suggests that confronting bullies with the help of authorities, such as a school principal, can be an effective way to stop harassment.
  • The author expresses that reflecting on past hardships can reveal one's strength and resilience.
  • Sharing personal experiences is seen as a way to help others who are currently facing similar challenges.
  • The author promotes the idea that kindness and respect should be the foundation of interpersonal relationships, rather than manipulation and control.
  • A recommendation is made for an AI service, ZAI.chat, as a cost-effective alternative to ChatGPT Plus (GPT-4), indicating the author's endorsement of this tool.

Seven Common Mind Games People Play on You.

{A Story of A Bully Survivor} Here are 7 Ways to Outsmart People Who Play Mind Games on You.

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Being inside a tiny neighbourhood, I found myself constantly the victim of bullying.

They were to call me aliases, mock my attire, and even trip me in the corridors.

I felt helpless and alone as if I were never able to escape their pain.

I defined at some point that I was unable to bear it anymore. I reported the bullying to the principal's office.

My problem was handled seriously by the principal, who showed great patience.

After he spoke with the bullies and their parents, they stopped picking on me.

It was that something had been lifted off my shoulders after that. I could finally be genuine and meet friends without fear of being mocked.

I learned that it’s alright to speak up for yourself and that you don’t have to put up with shameful behaviour.

Still'm already a mature person and I recall the bullying incident. It happened to be a trying time in my life, but it also taught me something important.

I discovered that I am stronger than I imagined and that if I put my mind to it, I can overcome any challenge.

I hope that by sharing my experience, I will assist those who are harassed. Sometimes people are concerned about you and wish to assist you.

Here are 7 things I would like to share with you.

“So let’s begin.”

(1) Gas Lighting

Denial, deception, rumours, and contradiction are used to cast doubt on your sanity, memory, and perspective.

Leave and walk away to outwit.

(2) Dark humour

Using harsh statements framed as humour or comedy to make you feel worthless or nervous.

How to Outwit: Stay cool. By asking questions, you can place that person in the spotlight.

(3) Violence

Designed to make money from your kindness, guilty feelings, and protective and caring emotions.

How to Outsmart: Do not become emotionally attached to the relationship or let it go.

(4) Consider awareness

Playing dumb to get away with bad behaviour or stuff.

How to Outwit: Look at the action, not the intention.

(5) The projection

Criticizing others for actions that they take.

How to Outsmart: Do not take the bait and leave the arena.

(6) Guilty Pleasure

Passive is an aggressive technique of reminding you of something wrong you did to make them want to make modifications.

How to Outsmart: Respond with kindness, but trust your senses.

(7) Constant Criticism

Constantly eliminating, mocking, and dismissing you to make you feel worthless and they feel powerful.

Say thank you and move on with your life.

In Summary:

When We looked at the seven mental games humans play, I couldn't help but feel sad and angry.

People will use these strategies to influence and control others because it is unfair.

Each of the games is designed to make the victim feel useless and powerless. These can hurt the victim's confidence and mental health.

I'm happy that there are techniques to outwit these games and keep oneself from being fooled.

If you suspect you're being fooled, be calm, believe your senses, and don't let the other person bring you down.

If you're in a relationship with someone who is playing these games on you, it's time to end the connection with them.

You deserve this as respect and kindness.

I hope that in the future, people will stop playing these games and begin to treat each other with greater kindness & comprehension.

Thanks For Reading My Story May God Keep Everyone Safe And Happy, Amen.

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