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Secret Fans, Quiet Followers Are Reading Your Content

Work hard all the time for your base and eventually your audience will appear

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Recently, I’ve started to wonder about the real size of a fan base.

No, not the number of fans or followers.

I’m referring to the quantity of core readers who regularly read another person’s content and appreciate it.

After all, it’s easy to get distracted if a person has what appears to be a very large audience of appreciative readers.

What about the readers and viewers who enjoy the content but duct clap, comment or highlight? Well, they matter quite a bit and they are not being taken for granted by me, not not at all.

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What can be done about secret fans and quiet followers to get them to show themselves and interact with your content? There is no magic answer to that question.

You could try the following ideas:

  • Write a story about how readers can interact with content and how important it is for your earnings.
  • You could demonstrate the behavior that you hope they will eliminate.
  • Showing how to interact with Medium content and writers can be beneficial. Use images and visual explanations to explain the process.
  • You can give specific appreciation whenever you get a personalized comment or something unique.

Some readers are pressed for time and could be in a hurry. They might want to comment or clap for your story, but they might not have the opportunity just yet. In regards to commenting, sometimes it’s hard to find the right words.

I’ve found that it’s best to appreciate each and every reader or person who views my content. I hope that they like my work and that they stop again whenever they can.

The most important thing as a writer is that you create something worth reading. If you develop fans or followers who wish they remain anonymous, that should be perfectly fine.

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