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Rise Of The Billionaire Doomsday Bunker

Are the builders adding weak points the size of Womp Rats?

Photo by Nandor Muzsik on Unsplash

I think we are all a little irritated that the people hoarding wealth are also attempting to hoard survival.

I have long said that there is something mentally unwell about the ultra rich.

What does it feel like to look at your finances and realize you couldn’t use all of that money, even in a million years?

I’m not suggesting they just “give it away” but …is the building of crazy dooms day bunkers somehow fueling the trickle down effect we have been promised?

They must be paying well because I can’t imagine anyone would want to build such a thing for cheap. Or would they?

We all get duped by the sickness of wealth hoarding. I mean…look at the Trump fiasco. Do you know how many broke people I met who praised him for his business savvy?

Dude went bankrupt…I think more than once. And he got started on a “small” million dollar loan.

I’m just saying. If I was handed a million dollars and I still failed a few times. Nobody would be electing me president. Well. I’m a woman so. Beside the point.

What Trump had that theoretical business mistake me would lack…the mental illness to keep grabbing for more and living in delusion until everyone believed he succeeded too.

I’m just too honest for that unfortunately. I’d admit my failings and the charade would be over.

I’d also never make it to billionaire land. I’d give it all away. I’d be like…you get a house and you get a house! And I would cover the property taxes and insurance so it didn’t bankrupt the poor sap who took a free house from me.

I would be creating community gardens and promoting community in general.

I would be desperately trying to hire experts to help make all the problems a little less problematic.

I’d be a complete idiot obviously. Reel smart people hold onto the money and exploit people for more.

I mean. How else can one afford a bunker with which to hide away when none of the problems get fixed and eventually boil over past the point of return? Duh.

I’m in Hawaii so I get to hear about some of the coolest new doomsday bunkers for the uber money bags.

Remember when the fires happened in Maui and there was a conspiracy?

I don’t blame people for thinking rich people will kill us all for more money. They have a long history of doing that. We use to call it war. Now we call it the Healthcare system.

Do you think they will fill these bunkers with weapons? I really hate guns. All the doomsday peppers talk about owning an arsenal as the most important thing you can do to prepare.

Sure hope those bullets taste good. Well. No. They could eat the humans they killed, I suppose.

I wrote this as I was going to bed the other night. I think it came out as a nice ramble.

Let me know if you got the Womp Rats joke in the subtitle.

Thanks for reading!

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