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Reminder: We Are All Inherently Worthy

In a Capitalist System that Ties Labor to Value, It Serves Us to Remember Our Inherent Self-Worth

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As someone who has personally overcome profound self-consciousness due to childhood and ancestral traumas, neglect, and recurring health issues, I can attest that mindset and self-belief are critical for one’s healing journey.

In 2020, after I relocated to flee NYC during the first wave of the COVID pandemic, I penned a short-read memoir, titled “Worthy: Overcoming Trauma, Healing, and Finding Gratitude and Sacred Medicines.” In this brief memoir, I share my personal journey of overcoming childhood and ancestral traumas that had severely affected my life outcomes.

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Armed with the knowledge that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) tend to affect people’s health, professional, and personal life outcomes, and ready to become empowered to change my narrative, I embarked on a journey that had further been propelled by motherhood. I knew I could break the cycle, and I was determined to make those changes for myself and my daughter.

A combination of parenthood, a commitment to self-healing, and finding sacred earth medicines to work with supported me in my healing and transformational journey. My short-read book explores themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the power of gratitude in transforming one’s life. Through personal anecdotes and reflections on how I overcame my own scarcity mindset and sense of lacking, I’ve shared in my book insights and techniques for healing from past wounds and finding inner peace. My book, “Worthy,” aims to offer a message of hope, empowerment, and people’s capacity for spiritual growth and transformation in the face of adversity.

I share my story because as someone who once felt mired in victim mentality due to feelings of inferiority from childhood neglect and a sensitive physical and spiritual constitution, I learned to see my struggles and sensitivities as sources of power.

There is a reason the “wounded healer” archetype exists, and I share my story as testimony that we all have the power to transmute our obstacles to build ourselves even stronger in the face of adversity.

While each of our individual struggles and challenges may vary, many of us share traumas from growing up and having to live in a fragmented, alienating, individualist, and materialist society. I offer my personal story of my own destructive behaviors that I overcame, which include patterns of reckless behavior, from excessively drinking, to unhealthy behaviors around sex and dating, to share that it is never too late to reclaim your power and change your story, your mindset, and your reality.

Through my healing journey, I was able to address and transform my destructive behaviors by getting to the root causes of my traumas and understanding my inherent self-worth. I learned to take a holistic approach, to practice gratitude, and to find self-compassion. I learned to realize, in a truly embodied sense, that I am enough.

We are all capable of moving beyond coping to thriving and from moving from self-disgust toward self-compassion. In addition to my writing and advocacy, I offer services related to trauma healing, spiritual guidance, and holistic and transformational wellness coaching.

For accurate and up-to-date information on her services, please see my website and links in my bio.

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