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Read or Die is a Medium publication with updated guidelines for January 2024, focusing on authentic human writing and inclusivity.


Read or Die is a Medium publication that welcomes new and old writers who enjoy reading and writing in their own authentic voice. The publication does not have a specific niche and does not care about writing experience. However, there are a few requirements and rules for writers, including reading 1 or 2 articles from the publication, having a premium membership, writing in an authentic voice, respecting Medium's rules of conduct, and avoiding public conflict. The publication also has a zero-tolerance policy for hateful speech or behavior.


  • The publication values authentic human writing over AI-generated content.
  • The publication encourages writers to cite their sources when using formal language instead of a conversational tone.
  • The publication welcomes a diverse spectrum of people and encourages patience, explicit politeness, and support when delivering constructive feedback.
  • The publication has a zero-tolerance policy for public conflict and encourages writers to keep conflicts away from the community.
  • The publication owner may exercise their privilege and kick out one or all sides involved in a conflict.


Read or Die — Publication Rules

Updated January 2024 Guidelines

Image by Capucine from Pixabay

Based on an animated series with the same title, in which the heroine uses books to fight against evil forces, “Read or Die!” is an inclusive and diversity-focused publication centered around a community of new and old writers who also like to read.

Do you enjoy writing articles in your own authentic voice? Are you also a reader, not just a writer? Then join us!

We don’t have a specific niche, and we don’t care about your writing experience. As long as you’re willing to follow a simple set of rules, you are welcome to write for our publication.

If you want to write for us, read the rules and follow the instructions found below. 👇


1] Be willing to read 1 or 2 articles from our publication

Without reading, the community will die. Our old and new writers need some motivation from time to time.

We won’t tell you how much to read, what articles to read, or who to read, though. That’s entirely up to you.

2] Have a premium membership

We don’t care if it’s a $5 or a $15 membership. We are not an elitist publication.

All we want is to know that you’re willing to give back to the community and contribute to the money pool that is shared among the writers.

3] Write in an authentic voice

[3.1] Our focus is on human writers, not on AI-generated articles. Therefore, we accept human articles on any subject.

We allow the presence of AI-generated content ONLY IF you’re making a point or conducting an experiment in which you analyze, challenge, or breakdown the said AI content.

“Nurturing yadda yadda” or “fostering yadda yadda” articles in which you don’t provide a clear and concise personal experience or view is not what we’re looking for.

[3.2] If you use formal language instead of a conversational tone, cite your sources!

Many people are tired of articles that sound like reading the instructions for using a household item or some terms and conditions. But depending on the subject, a certain level of formality is to be expected.

Some formal forms of writing are welcome too. Yet regular people can’t tell the difference between a well-documented or expert opinion and an AI-generated informative text.

It just seems normal to me for an academic, expert, or well-documented writer to cite their sources so there would be no confusion.

4] Respect Medium’s rules of conduct

No hateful speech or behavior is allowed, obviously.

Other than that, refrain from being too critical or blunt regarding other articles published in our publication. I dislike telling people what to do, and I believe in freedom of expression, but we have to be mindful of others.

Due to our inclusive policy, we welcome a diverse spectrum of people.

We have to acknowledge the possibility of some of them struggling with low self-esteem or low levels of self-confidence due to trauma or mental health conditions.

So be patient, explicitly polite, and supportive if you wish to deliver constructive feedback.

5] Zero tolerance for public conflict

It’s clear that not everyone will get along. But a bit of courtesy will go a long way. Avoid massive fights in which you hurl insults at each other. That won’t be tolerated by me or Medium, for that matter.

All conflicts that you have with others need to be kept away from our community. You can simply block or mute the person you don’t get along, if the situation is that severe.

Depending on the situation, if an amicable understanding cannot be reached, I might exercise my publication owner privilege and kick out one or all sides involved in the conflict.


1] Follow the owner (Adrian CDTPPW) and the publication.

If you cannot find the publication’s follow button on the site, use the phone app to do it.

[2] Clap, highlight, and leave a comment on this post requesting to become a writer for our publication.

Be clear in your intent to join us when you post your comment.

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