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Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Ejected a Freak Worm Out of My Head

Thank you to Marisa Peer for this incredible insight.

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I’m shocked I can tell you. It’s not often I come across a therapy that works so well and so comprehensively, it heals a long-standing problem of mine in record time.

I didn’t expect that!

Yet this is what happened when I partook in Marisa Peers Quest, ‘Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance’ on Mindvalley.

Rewinding a bit, I subscribed to Mindvalley recently after following Vishen Lakhiani on social media. The free content he was releasing from Mindvalley on was so delicious and intriguing, it piqued my interest enough that I went on to buy a 12-month subscription.

I’ve been like a kid in a sweetshop on this site. The content is so diverse and sublime; one day I’m learning about Energy with Jeffrey Allen, the next morning Niraj Nain is teaching me the benefits of Breathwork, and by the afternoon I’m mastering the Art of Manifesting with Regan Hillyer. In fact I’ve been so spoilt for choice, I’ve embarked on 8 different quests at the same time.

So while I’ve been all over this site trying out all the new and exciting content, picking up helpful bits from each and every one, it was Marisa Peer’s programme that most definitely got a slam dunk in my healing journey. I mean I literally feel like something has been corrected in my head since I completed her quest.

I’ve always been a fan of hypnotherapy, well aware that it’s brilliant for healing, sleeping, relaxation, resolving all kinds of phobias and fears, and my personal favourite; getting into an altered state of consciousness where you can freely manifest.

But Marissa’s programme has something different; Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, which brought about a huge change for me.

So what do I mean when I say I believe it ejected a freak worm out of my head?

I’m single at the moment. Whilst I have some fabulous friends and a great family around me, I’ve never felt I’m any good at relationships. And I’m hopeless at flirting. I’ve always had this feeling there may be something fundamentally wrong with me that means I will never have the wonderful relationship that everyone hopes for. And the fact that I don’t even know what this fault is means I have zero chance of fixing it.

I had this belief that there was this fault in me that friends and family couldn’t see, but potential suitors could. And of course, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as the very thought that I have this fault causes me to be hopeless at flirting and relationships.

I embarked on Marissas ‘Rapid Transformational Therapy for Abundance’ quest which takes you through different sections; How to Create an Abundance Life, Health, Wealth, and the last section is on Relationships. I embarked on this section fully believing that no matter what happens, I have this freak side to me that appears when a relationship may be looming on the horizon that is unfixable, so no matter what she advises, I will remain the same at the end of this section.

However, during the Rapid Transformational Therapy, Marisa guided me into hypnosis and then asked me to search for the reason I believed I wasn’t worthy of a successful relationship. I went through the usual suspects, the situations that I am well aware of, painful events I remember. But these were memories when the freak worm had already been installed in my head. Then she challenged me to go deeper and find another one. She assured me I knew what the situation was. I wasn't sure at all. I didn't know where I was going with this one, but allowed myself to sink deeper.

And then, there I was… right there in a long-forgotten memory in the house of a distant relative. I was very young, about 3 or 4 years old and had spent a considerable amount of time hand-crafting a pop-up card for this relative that we rarely saw. I remember handing it over, expecting as any young child would to be thanked for my efforts. But she didn’t, she laughed so hard and looked at me like I was a freak, she humiliated me for my efforts, and I recalled sitting there thinking there must be something desperately wrong with me for her to look at me in such disgust. I remembered recoiling and thinking how unsafe it was to be me. I could attract disgust and humiliation just by trying to spread some creativity and love.

I hadn’t been inside this memory for decades but as soon as I was there, I realised that this was where the feeling that I was a freak first entered my head. Gosh, what a revelation. And as guided by Marisa, looking back over and through this memory as an adult I realised all the fault was with this adult family member, who should have known better than to string up their young relative like this.

I had done precisely nothing wrong.

There was never anything wrong with me in the first place

This really is rapid transformational therapy because I understood that there was never anything wrong with me to begin with, there was nothing to fix. I just had someone react so badly to my efforts at a vulnerable age, it had got stuck as a repressed paranoid thought that there was something fundamentally wrong with me.

And as soon as I had this enlightenment, I could simply just let it go.

This enlightenment allowed me to extrapolate that probably every single freak worm in my head was just a paranoid thought put in by someone else during a vulnerable time. There was nothing inherently wrong with me.

Can you see how I am mightily impressed with this programme?

I feel freed by this.

I’ve still got some way to go in my healing journey and other issues that I need to resolve but I will be sure to blog it out for you all to read about if you want to come along with me. I’ll report back on how I’m finding the different quests and programmes and what is working best for me.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has been on Mindvalley and what programmes have worked for you? Have you had any super fast healing?

Exciting times are ahead.

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