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Racism is Utterly, Totally Spiritually Useless

But it’s here for a reason. You need to see it!

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I used to be enraged whenever a white person would say racism has been around ‘for ages,’ and that we can never get rid of it.

I’m out here trying to heal from my trauma — and here they are, telling me about how the Mongol Empire hated everybody and how actually white people were one of the first to be enslaved.

These facts never helped, given the overwhelming amount of racism in the world today is a direct consequence of European colonialism on the rest of the world.

Whether the economic de-throning of China as the world’s foremost economy at the hands of drug-dealing British aristocracy, or Europe’s collaborative devastation of the whole African continent — the inequality (and hence disdain) we see today is a result of the scheming of yesterday.

Being told that humans had always been judgmental and vindictive was not the message I needed; nor is it one that I believe in today.

But I have come to realize that as long as geopolitical power imbalances exist, racism will always find a way to rear its head.

Some nations will be seen as higher and others lesser; this will reflect upon citizenry, because humans inherently filter out excess information in favor of generalized patterns.

Education and nuance can help, but that tendency will always remain with changing global power struggles.

The best we can do is align ourselves with a deeper truth, however uncomfortable.

Our true identity is not our race, nor our circumstances.

Nor even our attachment to these.

If we see each other as atomistic collections of race, gender, sexuality, & habits, with nothing more, we lose our fundamental dignity as a species that’s capable of higher consciousness.

It is ironic that the Abrahamic religious doctrines of the “saved” and the unbelievers, as well as the doctrine of discovery, are the root source of much of today’s colonialist imbalance and inequality. Even though religion is supposed to be about listening to what is divinely perfect!

Spirituality is not about splitting up the world into us vs. them.

It’s about finding out who we really are, about becoming divine, not listening to a “revelation” that’s got two to ten degrees of separation from the original message — let alone the source.

Can this be done if moral posturing in the name of “woke” culture is the highest moral prerogative?

Can this be done if humanity is seen as nothing more than intersectional clashes of this identity vs. that one?

Of course there is a profound amount of healing that has to be done by people/civilizations of color across the globe. This can only be done when the supremacy of whiteness is recognized as the neocolonialist leech it is, and ripped/salted off.

But we do not need to perpetuate the cycle of imbalance.

We need to establish counterbalances to the cultural & spiritual poverty, which keeps humanity in a mindset of competition & exploitation.

We need to see how racism is just one more form of suffering to turn us away from the falseness of this world, and move toward the bliss within.

We need to find our dignity again, each and every one of us, because if we hadn’t lost it, none of this mess would have come about in the first place.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनोभवंतु

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu.

May the world(s) experience happiness.

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