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Quest for Wisdom

A story about learning from others

Today’s word is blasphemy.

“A Parliament of Owls” Copilot Image Creator by author

To join her parliament, Owl had to find the three greatest sins.

She consulted other birds.

Robin said, “Murder. Crows robbed my nest and murdered my children.”

“Homewrecking,” said Sparrow. “A cowbird laid eggs in my nest. When I hatched them, my mate accused me of being unfaithful and left me with a nest of seven babies.”

“Blasphemy,” said Parrot, “I heard some words on the wharf. I repeated them, and my company expelled me.”

Owl reported to parliament, “Murder, homewrecking, and blasphemy. They cause loss of family.”

Her parliament welcomed her, and she served on the Family Protection Committee.

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