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Prized Possessions

A Random Word Drabble

The random word of the day is LARGE.

Photo by Ashin K Suresh on Unsplash

I found the chest in my grandmother’s basement, tucked behind an old chair and some Christmas decorations. It was large, but not overly so, certainly nothing fancy.

I knew, though, she’d always said it was her most prized possession.

I slid it out of its nook and sat in the chair and opened it. I don’t know what I expected.

What I found was a moment, glowing and real. A dance hall, my grandmother so young. A soldier that looked like a movie star.

And the music played, and the dancers danced. And I watched her laugh and finally cried.

This daily drabble prompt is by Nancy Oglesby in Fiction Shorts.

Short Fiction
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