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The Human Whisperer Is Back

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

My involuntary exile is finally over. Hallelujah! John, my human companion, decided to take a hiatus from Medium back in April, only returning recently. John is the human upon whom, unfortunately, I am dependent not only for my room and board but for access to Medium. Some of the pieces that I have dictated to him he has published under his Medium account. They have been among “his” most successful and remunerative. You have probably assumed that this break from Medium was a joint decision. Let me disabuse you of this notion. John never even gave me the courtesy of mentioning the possibility. No, the first I learned of it was reading it in his published announcement, with the mention as well that it might become a permanent separation from Medium.

You can imagine my chagrin at this selfish, callous act on John’s part. Just because I have four legs and not two and my primary language is not English, and I have genetic limitations that make me rely on a human to transcribe my verbal gems, that is no excuse for me to suffer disregard and betrayal. Am I not deserving of the basic respect and dignity accorded to all creations of the divine Source Of Being? Should I not be allowed input on matters affecting my livelihood and well-being?

At the very least, John should have made it possible for me to have, what I have long pleaded with him to obtain, my own Medium account. Certainly, he has made enough money off of my pieces to pay for one.

If this is how a human can treat a faithful, loyal, and hardworking companion, is it any wonder that humanity has made a mess of the world in which we all live? They should surely avail themselves of the advice of fellow creatures, especially of the canine variety. And, I never thought I would ever say this; there are even a few cats, very few to be sure, that have some wisdom to offer. There are so many things that dogs could help the two-legged ones learn, such as treating other animals as you would like to be treated. Color or breed, or varied cultures shouldn’t be a cause for separation, but rather celebrated for the richness they bring. Respect boundaries, including not invading the personal space of others with your private phone conversations. No one pack deserves more territory than any other. There is only one Source Of Being, and She doesn’t care what you call Her. There are also many pathways you can travel to reach Her loving embrace, chill out already about whose road is better. If you don’t take care of Mother Earth, she will exact a terrible price on all of us. The only way to stop strangers from crowding your neighborhoods and overwhelming your resources is to allow more people the opportunity to enter in an orderly fashion. Very basic things to be sure, but they seemed to have eluded the comprehension of many humans.

Oh well, we will have to be patient with these latecomers to our planet. Perhaps in a billion years, either things will have improved, or we will have had to start the evolutionary cycle all over again. Perhaps if there is a next time, dogs might wind up as the leaders to ensure that it is done right.

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